How To Reduce Freight Cost

Freighting Cost is increasing day by day from past few years. Due to this Shippers are facing so many problems and they have to give high charges for courier delivery to domestic as well as for the international couriers. But Shippers or Transportation Business man can save their transportation charges by doing some excellent planning. In this article shippers will find some smart ideas by which they can reduce the freight cost.

1. Don’t Deliver Courier by Air

It’s the First advice to shippers that try to avoid sending the courier by flight or in the air root. If you want to deliver international parcel then send it through ships. Because it saves up to 75% costs compared to air root and also reliable one.

2. Decide How Important Your Parcel Is

To reduce the freight price, it is very good to deliver on ocean. But before delivering it first you have to decide how much important your parcel is. Whether all valuables are needed to be delivered early or half of the valuable are needed to be delivered early. If it is necessary that the parcel should be delivered so early then courier it by air. Otherwise if it is okay to be delivered after few days then deliver the parcel through ocean shipping.

3. Select Your Distribution Centers (DCs) For Transportation

Cleverly you have to select your DC so that you can reduce somewhat shipping charge. You should opt your distribution centers (DCs) according to courier transportation effectiveness instead of their leasing rates or tax incentives.

4. Take Benefits of Your Nearer Distribution Centers

If you want a parcel delivery to Portugal or any country which leads to an international courier then you should search the nearer DCs. Because when you send your parcel to the nearby distribution center, the recipient will get the parcel directly within proper timing and this nearby DCs also reduces transportation charges.

5. Try to Get Discount on la Mode Shift

Generally most of the companies use LTL delivering process for their benefit. So, if you are a regular customer who sends small and large parcels then it is better to convince the courier point to negotiate the transportation charge.

6. Little Awareness Gives More Savings

Little Awareness Gives More Savings: What does it means? It means that before sending or packing the parcel especially when you are doing truckload, you should check the valuables or the contents very carefully and the measurement must be accurate. By doing this you can save your money.

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