How to Best Frame Your Pictures

If you’ve bought a fabulous print or photograph but don’t know how best to show it off, read our tips on choosing the right frame.

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Keep it Simple

A white box frame is simple but always effective, as it shows the whole artwork and the canvas it sits on. Make sure the artwork is interesting enough in itself and only needs a frame which is secondary to it.

Look at the Picture

Really look at your piece of art and if there is a dominant colour in it, go for a frame the same colour. A painting or print which is sombre-coloured can be intensified if you use a dark-coloured frame. Get inspiration from the subject of the artwork. For example, if you are framing a beach or seaside scene, you could use a rough wood which has been whitewashed.

Posters and Photographs

Many of us don’t have the budget for original art, so it’s important to frame prints in the best way. Dry-mounting – where the poster is stuck to a backing using heat – is ideal, as you can choose from a range of surfaces which complement the piece. Modern prints are created using high resolution printers which ensure they recreate pieces of artwork beautifully and need the best frame to show them off. You can get advice on framing Giclee prints from specialists such as

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Choose a Good Spot

Before you get out your picture hooks, think carefully about how the art will look when hung. Try at different time of the day, to see how sunlight and artificial light reflect off the glass. When hanging in kitchens or bathrooms, be careful of the moisture and be aware that heat from a radiator can damage artwork.

Mix it Up

A modern trend is to hang clashing pieces of art together on a wall. The Guardian says this is a good option, as the viewer can focus on the collective effect of the art rather than individual pieces.

Think Outside the Box

If your home is a little more eclectic, you may want to frame an object rather than a piece of art. A treasured keepsake such as a clay pot made by a child or a special pebble found on holiday can be hung in a box frame and made into a work of art.

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