How colours and murals can increase productivity

Most office walls are painted with neutral shades, like grey and magnolia – but this could be a big mistake.

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This is because colour has a very strong effect on the human brain. Certain colours have the power to change your mood and boost your productivity… while other colours can make you feel sleepy and unmotivated.

If you want to learn more about how to use colour in your office, here’s how colour can be used to increase productivity.

The power of colour

Certain colours can change your mood. For instance, recent research has found that low-wavelength colours, such as light blue and green, can improve focus and efficiency, which is ideal for an office environment. Low-wavelength colours can also make people feel happy and calm, which is perfect for people who work in mildly stressful environments (such as busy call centres). This is because the colour will reduce any tension that your employees are feeling.

On the other hand, the colour yellow makes people feel energetic and awake. This can inspire people to come up with more innovative ideas, so it could be used in an office of creatives. For instance, yellow would be great in a design studio!

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Red is a colour that you may want to avoid, as research has found that the intense colour increases the heart rate. This can be a little stressful, which isn’t ideal – but it is worth noting that red is very eye-catching, so if you want to get your employees to look at a specific sign it is best to use red writing.

How to add colour to your walls

If you want to repaint the walls in your office, it is best to hire a professional. Design company suggest hiring office fit out companies to do the job, as they will be able to paint the whole thing over the weekend, so you don’t need to worry about completing the job in time for employees to arrive.

A professional company also knows how to integrate the colour without it being too intense. For instance, they could paint the walls in calming shades of blue, and then they may add calming green murals to really help your employees to focus. They will make sure it looks good – and they won’t get any paint on your expensive equipment!

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