Good manners take no real effort but can have a huge impact

My nan used to say “good manners come for free” and she was right. In today’s society where can become preoccupied with the things that we have or don’t have people can sometimes forget the basics in terms of interacting with other people.

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Everyday manners

Going about your everyday life will see you come across many opportunities in which you can display yourself as someone with good manners and who is aware of social niceties. These may include opening the door for some who is walking towards you, giving up your seat on the bus to an elderly or pregnant passenger.

Table Manners

These can include everything from excusing yourself from the table if you have to get up and leave for any reason through to not resting your elbows on the table during a meal.

Other important table manners include placing your knife and fork together on your plate when you have finished your meal and ask for items that are out of our reach to be passed to you rather than reaching across people and over their meals and other items that are on the table. It becomes a bit annoying if your dinner is obscured by the constant reaching over of other people to grab a few more chips, peas or broccoli. The main offender here is the tomato sauce so it’s and idea to remove yourself from its proximity so that you don’t get caught out having to ferry it back and forth to the person or persons asking for it.

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The correct etiquette is to clearly state your intention before actioning it. For example, “I say, do you mind awfully passing the Ketchup please?” is the perfect way to frame the question and ensure that you get what you need. The same is true of vegetables and potatoes the simple act is needed to ensure that a dinner party runs smoothly.

When eating out, these rules still apply, and it is important to know which piece of Restaurant Cutlery you should be using for each course is important. Especially as companies like loving craft their pieces to be used for the specific requirements they were intended to be used for.

Why bother?

It can be difficult to maintain your composure when you go about your daily life watching more and more people almost deliberately forgetting their manners. But without anyone remembering to say please and thank you and helping an elderly lady carry her bags to the car, society would descend into chaos.


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