Getting your Office Feeling Happy and Positive

Have you noticed that an office that is happy is also a more productive and dynamic place to work? There are reasons why some offices are happier than others, but if you are an office manager, encouraging a happy workplace is definitely something that you should be doing – increased productivity, low staff turnover and a general pleasant working atmosphere are the things that come with a happy workplace.

So how do you get a workplace feeling happy and working well?

Take care of the office environment. If the walls are a little shabby, the lighting is a bit dingy and the place could do with a good tidy up, then start making improvements. People are much happier in pleasant environments and will take more pride in the place when it is looking good. Update shabby furniture with comfortable new items like these reception chairs from bestbuy-officechairs.

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A team that gets on well together works well together. Working as part of a team is an essential thing in every successful office so it is important to nurture this team work ethic. Host days out where you can enjoy team games, hold weekly or monthly quiz events where people will have to work as teams, and spend time eating lunch together.

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Health is something that we know is a part of being happy. Being healthier makes us happier so it is a good idea to promote good healthy habits. Encouraging healthy eating, endorsing a cycle to work initiative, and running a stop smoking incentive program are all things that can help.

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