Get a shepherd’s hut, Don’t follow the flock

Do you need extra space? Maybe you want a playroom for the kids, a home office or just a quiet place in which to relax. Of course you could convert a spare bedroom or an attic, but for many of these things it’s better to get out of the house altogether.

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Having a separate room, in the garden for example, makes the space more special and cuts down on noise and distraction. This is especially important if you’re using it for work. According to government figures over four million of us work from home. Having your office separate from the house helps you maintain a divide between your home and working life but still cuts out that arduous daily commute. If you haven’t got the room and you do want an office local or one that’s ready to move in straight away perhaps an Office Space Reading way could be the ideal one for you.  All you need to do is take a look at what they have to offer at similar links to

Shed your doubts

The obvious answer then is some sort of garden building. Your first thought at this point might be that you don’t want to spend your day sitting in a shed, however, there are attractive alternatives available. It’s possible to get custom-built home office modules, though they may not be especially attractive and you may need to get planning permission to build one.

As a quirky and appealing alternative you might not have considered before are shepherd huts these cabins on wheels were originally designed to provide shelter to shepherds while they looked after their flocks. They offer a traditional look, and they can come with lots of modern benefits too.

You can choose to have your hut fitted out with insulated panelling, electrics, custom furniture, even a wood-burning stove to make it a practical, cosy and comfortable place to work. Steps are supplied for easy access, and the traditional stable door is lockable for security. Of course being on wheels means they can be moved if need be so you can take advantage of different spots in the garden. It also means that they typically don’t need planning permission.

Other uses

Of course a home office isn’t the only purpose to which shepherd huts can be put. You might want to use it as a craft space or just as somewhere to chill out, of course it makes a great playhouse too and the kids can even use it for sleepovers. There are other potential business uses too. If you run a B&B – a sector that contributes over £115 billion to the UK economy – then they can offer extra accommodation. Using a shepherd’s hut could also be a way for farmers and other landowners to add an additional income stream.

Don’t worry about whether it will fit in with its surroundings. Huts can be had with traditional corrugated iron or timber cladding on the outside and can be painted in a choice of colours. Whether you have a modern or period property you can be sure that it will fit in. Walls and floors are fully insulated so that you can use your hut all year round.

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