Five tips for creating a relaxing interior space

The modern world has its problems. Most of us work longer hours for less pay, and mad politicians drop bombs everywhere. In such times, home is a place of refuge, respite and recovery. Effort invested in our home’s capacity to recharge us, physically and spiritually, is well spent.

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Dead space

Busy homes have nooks and crannies into which everything we have not dealt with is swept and forgotten. We hardly realise its chronic effects: precious living space and peace of mind are both sapped.

Penetrate those dead spaces, reclaiming them as places you truly live in. Tie in neglected spaces by running laminate flooring continuously through doorways and making your home appear bigger.

Clutter is a state of mind

It is not how much ‘stuff’ you have, but whether it is in its proper place. Consider a key rack for keys, a battery drawer for batteries, a shoe shelf for shoes and even an everything else box for everything else. Once everything has a place, it becomes the thing you are looking for instead of the stuff the thing you are looking for is lost behind.

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Colours have feelings

Colours affect how hungry you feel and how well you sleep. In a small home, dark colours and primes make rooms seem smaller. In large spaces, white or bland pastels fail to create warmth.

Textures and patterns also matter, opening up or drawing in walls and giving character to specific areas. Textures can transform a home at a fraction of the cost of moving to a new house. Laminate flooring from stockists such as, for example, offers a vast range of finishes emulating natural materials such as stone and timber or abstracts such as parquet and chevrons.

Banish evil spirits

Feelings attach themselves to the objects around us and subtly re-impart this influence each time we encounter them. Feelings are also subconsciously aroused by the landscape around us. Over time, these undercurrents colour our outlook on life, drawing good or bad ‘luck’ upon us. Adherents of feng shui often have strange interpretations of how this works; however, the basic idea is backed by developers.

Good vibrations

Objects that remind us of our happiness and values are good for us. Do not leave precious mementos locked away; instead, find them places of honour where they will recharge you every day.

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