Five Essential Jewellery Making Tools For Crafty Creatives

Whether you’ve never tried your hand at jewellery making before or have some experience but need to know the best tools to invest in, our guide to the top five essential jewellery making tools is sure to help you out. With so many different tools out there to choose from, the world of jewellery making can be baffling. Of course, the type of tools you’ll need will depend on what sort of jewellery you’re planning to make, but there are some tools which are necessary whether you’re soldering silver earrings or making a beaded necklace!

  1. Set of jewellery pliers

According to  a good quality pair of pliers is a great investment, and we agree! It might be best to buy a set of pliers as you’ll probably need a round nosed pair as well as flat nose and perhaps a wire cutter too. Be aware that the quality of pliers in sets is often not as good as buying them separately, so invest in the best quality pair you can afford. 

  1. Hand drill and drill bits

You’re going to need some kind of drill, and a hand drill is the cheapest option when you’re starting out. A hand drill has a variety of uses in jewellery making, and by purchasing a set of different sized drill bits, you can turn this handy tool to almost anything! Once you’re more experienced, you may wit to invest in a more expensive type of jewellery drill, but a hand drill will get the job done perfectly well for most small jewellery making projects.

Five Essential Jewellery Making Tools For Crafty Creatives

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  1. Micro screwdrivers

Purchase a set of micro screwdrivers for those tricky jewellery projects – particularly if you’re going to be customising things such as watch faces. Store bought screwdrivers just aren’t small enough, and by buying a set, you know you’ll always have the right size to hand.

  1. Set of jewellery files

Files are used for smoothing and cutting away rough edges and providing a fine finish to your jewellery. According to Must Haves Jewelry, you should invest in several files of different sizes, although a #2 is a good multi-purpose file. Files are sized by number, so the higher the number, the finer the cut and finish you will get. Investing in a couple of smaller-toothed files is a great idea for more detailed work.

  1. Reamers

Reamers are tools used to enlarge the holes in beads such as pearls, and can also be used to soften rough edges. You’ll find supplies online, and it’s usually easy to find sets of reamers in different sizes, ideal for those new to jewellery making. Perhaps a new belt for a pair of women designer jeans from

While it’s important to buy the best quality jewellery making tools you can afford, it’s also worth bearing in mind that you shouldn’t spend too much if you’re just starting out. Remember, you can always upgrade your tools to something better in the future! On the other hand, buying cheap, flimsy tools from the start will reflect in the finish of your jewellery and you may find you end up spending more in the long run replacing faulty or low-quality tools, so make sure you get the balance right!

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