Facts about web design you probably didn’t know

There was a time, not so long ago, when anyone could learn enough HTML and CSS to get by. With so many courses on the topic, not to mention a plethora of self-help guides on the internet, most of us could put together a personal website or webpage.

Facts about web design you probably didn't know

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Nowadays there has been a sea change in web design, and the DIY website is looking less and less attractive. With a huge choice of browsers, platforms and viewing devices available it’s become important to ensure that every visitor has a positive experience when visiting your site. There are too many opportunities for error these days to consider going it alone when you have a business, product or service to promote. Consider the following little-known facts:

There’s more to web design than just web design

Yes, it sounds crazy, but designing a website is more than just selecting an appealing font and appropriate graphics. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is everything when it comes to making your site visible to prospective customers, so ensuring your site comes high up on search engine lists is the ultimate goal.

Which isn’t to say that graphics and font aren’t important of course. Forbes reports the results of a research study which found that an astonishing 94% of negative comments about websites related to design factors rather than content.

Flash is old hat

Once indicative of a superior website, Flash programming is rapidly going out of fashion thanks to its slow load speeds. Customers of today want pages to load quickly and there is no tolerance for a site which drags its heels. Faster broadband and wi-fi connections have raised our expectations and failure to see the information we want, when we want it, has us clicking onto competitors sites.

Images are important

Some website creators like to jazz up their pages with cartoons and adverts, but this approach is unlikely to persuade visitors to linger. Research has shown that people like to see photographs, with pictures of animals and children scoring highly for interest. TNW (The Next Web) agrees, listing high-quality and preferably custom photographs as one of the top current design trends.

Unless you just happen to have a professional qualification in web design then it seems that you are best off leaving the nuts and bolts of your website to the professionals. This doesn’t mean that you have to slavishly follow all the latest trends, nor does it require you to agree with whatever your web design professional suggests.

A good professional Taunton web design company like that of will spend time discussing your requirements and will work with you to develop the perfect site which meets your needs, showcases your products or services and unfolds seamlessly across all platforms. Whether you are looking for an outstanding Web Design team or top professional designers from elsewhere, you should see how your chosen company optimises its own site as a good indicator of SEO skills.

Good designers will always want you to be absolutely delighted with your new website, and will always go that extra mile to ensure that your site performs impeccably for each and every visitor, showcasing your company to its best advantage.

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