Facts about UK roads

Whether you love the open road or hate driving, there are a lot of roads in the UK! The following are some fascinating facts about the vast network of motorways and roads in this country:

The chap who discovered tarmac was Edward Hooley. In 1901, Hooley saw the smooth outer surface of a metal and on asking what had caused it, was told about a tar barrel that had spilled. The following year, he patented a method of heating the tar, adding slag and stones into the substance, that resulted in the creation of asphalt and tarmac that we see so much of today. For Tarmac Bristol, visit a site like

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The longest toll road in the UK is the M6 and it runs from Catthorpe in the county of Leicestershire all the way up to the border with Scotland – an impressive 236 miles long.

The first toll road that opened in the UK is the M6 Preston Bypass, which lasted for 8 miles and opened in 1958.

Stuck in rush hour every day? Consider the poor London drivers who must sit in traffic jams for an average of 101 hours each year. The rest of the UK suffers just 30 hours a year. For those who work as a driver, this figure would be significantly higher.

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Are you a believer in the paranormal? You should consider a trip up the M6 on October 31 as it is thought to be among the most haunted of UK roads! There are a very high number of reported sightings of ghostly goings on on this stretch of highway, from the Roman army to a crazy lady on the roadside.

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