Environment And Health: The True Cost Of Global Smoking

In the UK, we are well versed on the dangers of smoking, and a great number of people have switched to using electronic cigarettes as a result. These alternatives are free from tar and other dangerous chemicals, and have become the preferred choice of many former heavy smokers. But what is the picture on a wider scale?


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The global picture

An incredible 14% of the world’s population currently smoke, representing a total of one billion people. This equates to an incredible seven trillion cigarettes smoked every year. Aside from the health implications, there are significant environmental considerations too. This volume of cigarettes translates into 705,910 tonnes of cigarette paper being burned. The ecological impact is vast, equating to 100,000 trees that are felled every year, purely to supply cigarette paper. This negative impact is also growing, thanks to growing markets in the developing world, including China and India, where demand for old-fashioned paper cigarettes is booming.

Cigarette papers and tree felling 

In a world where climate change is becoming an increasing concern and ‘green’ issues evermore pressing, it seems shocking that so many trees are lost simply to produce cigarette papers, trees that could absorb dangerous levels of carbon dioxide emissions and pump out valuable oxygen in return. Instead, the tobacco industry produces yet more C02 in wood felling, transporting, production and distribution. The tobacco and cigarette production industry is also charged with excessive pesticide use and other damaging environmental effects, and the physical cigarettes themselves are also a problem for recycling and safe disposal, often adding greatly to landfill. E-cigarettes are refilled and designed to last, greatly reducing landfill and helping to reuse and recycle valuable world resources, rather than continuing to literally burn through them. 

Useful alternatives

But are there alternatives? Absolutely. When it comes to the electronic cigarette UK markets are growing fast. Brands give customers the chance to save money and enjoy the essence of their nicotine habit, without the dangers of excess chemicals, and without the need to waste valuable trees for cigarette papers. This lessens both the negative health effects of smoking, and also reduces the environmental impact. Confirmed smokers are increasingly turning to the electronic cigarette UK market to enjoy a lighter hit, with a wide range of flavours.

Other customers are using the lightness of electronic cigarettes to try to cut down their overall nicotine use, and instead they just enjoy an occasional e-cigarette for social and recreational purposes, rather than relying on cigarettes as a crutch. This can provide a health, monetary and environmental benefit. Benefits to health can even be noticed early on from yellow finger tips to healthier gums.  If you have just stopped or are in the process of cutting back, why not visit your local dentist for a confidence booster.  Cardiff Cosmetic Dentistry, Cathedral Dental Clinic are able to review your teeth and gums and can give you a plan of action regarding your oral health to work along your walk of freedom with regards to the cigarettes.

Certainly, the effect of lessening demand for physical and old-fashioned cigarettes means that more essential forestland can be maintained, helping to maintain the world’s ecological balance and preserving the environment. In a world where green challenges become more pressing, it is good to know that there’s a way to make a simple change, that benefits future generations, makes you feel better, and saves you money in the process.

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