Enjoy Great Health with Green Juices

Most of us are know we should eat at least five different types of fruit and veg a day, but hectic lifestyles can make reaching that goal day in, day out, a challenge.


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The good news is that a tasty solution is available, one which involves pulverising crisp, fresh (low calorie) green veggies into a deliciously drinkable state. Whether you choose to start the day with a glass of the green stuff, or pop it into a cool-flask for a mid-afternoon energy boost, it’s never been easier to get your daily dose of essential vitamins.

Surely Not Sprouts?

Banish memories of soggy canteen cabbage and boiled to death sprouts, most other uncooked green vegetables actually lend themselves very well to juicing; with kale, Swiss chard, spinach and celery being the most popular. Some recipes even include add-ins like apple, cucumber or pineapple to create a palatable balance, and yes, they still count very much as ‘green’.

Genuine Health Benefits?

Most definitely, as the veggies retain all those wonderful vitamins and minerals even when mushed and blitzed into a drinkable consistency. The only possible drawback is the potential loss of fibre, which we need to keep some below the waist functions moving smoothly.

To avoid this Iona Taylor, a registered dietician, advises using a regular (powerful) blender rather than a juicing machine to make the smoothies, as this way the fibre is not lost in the process.

For an additional health boost Aloe Vera juices, (preferably from the plant leaves) can be added to a green smoothie for a range of fabulous health benefits, including clear skin, smooth digestion, a calmer immune system, and stable blood sugar.

Striving for a Healthier Lifestyle?

The internet is the greatest, easiest way to stay up to date with news, tips and inspiration related to healthy living and eating. Numerous websites like can make it easy to stay informed. There are also lots of websites with green smoothie recipes for you to try, which is worth doing, as boredom could put you off maintaining this great habit.

You may never have imagined yourself enjoying green vegetables in a drink form, but you soon develop the taste for these smoothies, and the benefits for your health, skin and general well being make a green smoothie a day a habit worth having.

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