Eight embarrassing health problems taking over your life

Doctors always say you shouldn’t be worried about discussing any problem with them. For some of us, that doesn’t help, so here’s a brief guide to some embarrassing problems: but do try and get up the courage to see the doctor if you need to.

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1. Sexual problems

From lack of sex drive (both sexes), to vaginal dryness in women or premature ejaculation in men, these problems can undermine people’s relationships and their confidence. There can be many reasons for sexual dysfunction, including stress, infections, anxiety, depression, diabetes and other illnesses.

Because it’s so common, your doctor will have access to the latest information and treatments and will be able to rule out any medical reason for the problem.

2. Vaginal odour

If this is persistent, even with a good hygiene routine, you shouldn’t ignore it. The smell is often caused by an underlying infection. One of the key causes is chlamydia but luckily testing kits for this are easy to obtain, with chlamydia Testing kits in London available online at

Other causes might be bacterial vaginosis: too many bacteria multiplying in the vagina. But as chlamydia can cause infertility, take advantage of chlamydia testing kits in London to test yourself, without having to talk to the doctor.

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3. Vaginal flatulence (wind)

Some women pass wind from their vagina during sex or other activities. It’s caused by muscles in the vagina expanding and trapping air inside: and of course it makes its way out at the most off-putting moments. This problem can be fixed by muscle exercises prescribed by a physiotherapist.

4. Incontinence (sensitive bladder)

Now that we are bombarded with TV ads for products associated with this condition, it’s become less of an unmentionable thing, at least for women. NHS Choices has lots of good advice for both men and women.

5. Anal itching

This has lots of different causes, from allergies to toilet paper, soap, or yeast, to anal warts, poor hygiene, haemorrhoids (piles) or sexually transmitted diseases. But it could be the result of a colon or rectal problem, so if it doesn’t clear up, see the doctor. You may be able to control a mild outbreak by cutting down the amount of yeast you eat.

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