Effect of a Slow-Loading Page on SEO

Imagine you have a fantastic website. Imagine that this website has absolutely no visitors. Do you see a problem here? If nobody sees all your hard work, what’s the purpose of that website? Getting people to see your content can be a matter of knowledge and technique and the present article will try to share with you some of the information you need to know.

•      Audience connected to Social Media

Social networks are one of the best tools to gain some popularity. Everybody these days is on Twitter, Myspace and Facebook. These sites can generate a lot of visitors to your webpage. What you need to do is simply to create a community around you and once you are popular enough, your online content will be popular enough, too.

•      Visitors connected to Article Promoting

This can be a powerful tool to gain visitors. It consists of uploading your work on websites similar to Ezine or Squidoo and posting links leading to your own webpage. These links can have two effects – on first place your own website will be available to anyone who views the article. The second effect will be in the creation of the so-called “backlinks” – everybody who visits your website by clicking on a link from another webpage is creating a “backlink”. With the growing number of backlinks of your website, the popularity of your content will grow, too – simply because your webpage will be on the top of the list in the search engines and this will lead to a greater audience.

•      Visitors connected to Video Promoting

This is another way to gain visitors by using your own content to draw attention. Instead of articles, you can use other kinds of media and for example, video. The principle is the same – you upload some video content on sites similar to Youtube or Vimeo and attach links leading to your own webpage. You can use this tool in addition to Article Promoting in order to reach to a bigger and more various audiences.

•      Visitors connected to Press Release

You can use a press release for anything. Giving general information, marking some important event or just updating your daily posts.

•      Visitors connected to Forums

This tool is currently a hit for gaining visitors for your website. When people upload a comment in a forum, they are able to put a link in the end of their post which can of course lead to their webpage. If your forum posts have some quality, this could drive a lot of visitors to your page.

  • Visitors connected to SEO

SEO is the abbreviation of Search Engine Optimization. The importance of SEO can be huge. It has two main types – onsite and offsite optimization. No matter which type you use, they increase the chances of your website to find it in the top listings of the search engines. All links leading to your website from blogs, forums or the other kinds of content promoting are called offsite optimization.

  • Visitors connected to Directories

When somebody wants to find a site on a specific topic, they go to the so-called Directories – these are websites organizing all kinds of different sites by topics and content. You can put a link to your website on these directories and that will generate more visitors for your business.

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