Digital tools and channels now essential in traditional marketing

Although most marketers are now au fait with digital marketing as a channel, many do not yet fully appreciate that integrated marketing campaigns must incorporate these channels alongside traditional offline marketing activities. This is why you should look to use a professional Cheltenham PR Agents or one in your local area. Target Group provide PR in Cheltenham if you are looking for PR and wider marketing advice and support. 

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It is more important than ever before to have your business ranked highly by Google; in fact, spending on SEO activities is set to grow to $79bn (£61bn) in just three years’ time. Make sure that you optimise your marketing promotions and incorporate SEO in your tactics – appearing in search engine results is a key method of promotion that can greatly enhance your marketing reach.

The value of SEO

SEO is key because digital users tend to utilise Google above all else. SEO tools show how users search for specific items, with visitor numbers giving a sense of the demand for each associated product and service per term. A search term will sometimes appear millions of times, relating to specific solutions such as industries, products and services.

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How strategies have changed

Ten years ago, you could simply stuff your website with links and keywords to trick the algorithm; today, the days of scamming Google are over and black hat techniques will rapidly see you blacklisted. Spam is now useless and only websites that engage in legitimate activities will benefit from high rankings.

This means that the SEO activity of today takes time, of course. The topic is complex; however, there is a vast industry of specialists around to assist.

The way forward

The first step is to carry out an SEO audit of your website; next, create a strategy for increasing your presence in the search rankings that relate to your offer. This must incorporate a range of activities around a strong content and PR plan, with social media activity that supports the engagement, linking and promotion of your brand.

All campaign activity must include these digital channels in a meaningful way; by doing so, you will be able to reduce or better target your marketing budget. This means that your activity can be closer pinpointed to the customers and prospects you wish to get in front of and you will enjoy better data, lower costs and better conversions as a result.

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