Dealing with a Broken Window

No one wants to have to deal with a broken window, but accidents will invariably happen at some point. If one of your windows does break, it’s important to clean up and have it repaired as quickly and safely as possible. Otherwise you risk damage to your property, and your home won’t be secure.

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Assess the Situation

When a window has broken you need to decide how safe the area is before attempting to clean up. For windows that haven’t completely broken or where there’s just a large crack, you should carefully check how stable the pane is. It’s imperative that you’re extremely cautious when doing so, as it could easily fall out or shatter. When the pane has already shattered, you need to see how far any glass has spread, and you may need to check on or behind furniture so that you don’t miss any. You also need to assess whether the locking mechanism has been affected.

Keep the Area Clear

Before you start to clear up the glass, you need to block off the area so that no one can accidentally hurt themselves. This is especially important if you have children or pets in the home, as they will not understand the dangers of broken glass. According to figures from the NHS, about two million children need treatment in an Accident and Emergency department every year due to accidents that occur in the home.

Make Sure You’re Protected

When you’re ready to go near the area, you should ensure that you have the appropriate footwear on. To pick up the shards of glass, wear durable gloves such as those used for gardening.

Contact a Glazing Company and a Locksmith

You’ll need to speak to a company that specialises in emergency glazing as well as a Dublin Locksmith such as Unsecured windows are a key target for burglars. Getting advice from these professionals will mean that any glass that has been broken can be repaired and if necessary new locks can be installed making your property secure once again.

Make Sure the Property Is Secure

The glazing company might not be able to get to you straight away. In this instance, you need to secure your property. Plywood or a heavy tarp are the best solutions if the whole pane has come out, or you could use duct tape for a number of large or small cracks.

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