Areas that businesses forget to clean

After a winter stuck in the office with the heating on full blast and the windows closed, it can feel wonderful when the weather is nice again and it’s time to throw open the windows and let in fresh air. However, when the sun begins to penetrate the office, that’s when you start to pay attention to the winter dust and dirt built up. That’s why spring cleaning was invented!

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A quick vacuum and dusting are not going to cut it, and often there are common areas in the workplace that can be overlooked during cleaning time.

  1. Behind the printer and copier

This area is almost always overlooked but can get very dusty from tiny particles released by the printer and paper.

  1. Skirting Boards

A thick layer of dirt and dust can build up on the edge of the boards from time to time, making them look grey and dirty. This dust could find its way into the air, worsening symptoms for those with hay fever, asthma or allergies.

  1. Office Chairs

If the back of the seat is much brighter than the front or you can see that it’s heavily stained; it may be time for a steam clean. The bottom of the seat and casters also get pretty dirty and could use a wipe down. Alternatively, get some Operator Chairs. See the Operator chair range at Best Buy.

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  1. Lighting

Strip fluorescent bulbs will usually get full of dead insects and collect a lot of air borne dust and dirt. If the lighting you’re looking for a little faded and dusty, be sure to put it in the net you.

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