An introduction to Christenings: What guests should know

Anyone is permitted to have a christening service for their baby, and the church welcomes people from all nations, creeds, and backgrounds. It is a celebration of your baby’s commitment to Jesus and the church, and it is a religious Christian ceremony.

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Christening service etiquette guides are available online, but here is a look at some of the key things worth remembering.

On the day of the event

Ask all guests to arrive at least ten minutes before services are set to commence. The baby is traditionally dressed in white, wearing a gown designed for a Christening or a family heirloom gown.

If you are a guest, dress smartly, although hats and ties are not a necessity. There will be allocated times when guests are actively invited to take photographs during the ceremony.

Afterward, guests are typically invited to the home, where a cake will be cut and a buffet served. Here the baby can be presented with gifts, and it is customary to open the gifts after the event. You can find suitable Christening gifts online; if you are seeking Ireland Christening gifts, try sites such as Do extend an invite to your vicar or priest, but don’t be offended if they politely decline!

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The godparents

The parents of the baby being christened usually select godparents. The godparents’ role is to be a guide and mentor in the Christian faith. The godparent does not receive the automatic right to become the child’s legal guardian if both parents die; in fact, there would need to be a separate legal document for this. It is traditional at the ceremony to bestow gifts upon the godparents.

Is there an alternative?

There are mixed views on a baby being baptised and believing in Jesus at such a young age. If you have reservations about it, you can opt to have a ceremony that is effectively a blessing or thanksgiving ceremony instead. You can also have a non-religious baby-naming celebration, and you might opt to choose mentors for your baby instead of the traditional godparents.

There are variations available to celebrate a birth, whether it is religious or not. A new baby is a wonderful celebration, and you can design and tailor it as you see fit for your baby and your family’s beliefs.



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