All you need to know About IP Address!

When an ordinary person listens to terms like IP address, he barely understands anything. However, since we all live in the world of technology, where technical development is dramatically advancing, we need to be aware of some of the most important concepts related to computers.

IP address is an extremely important thing; it is the abbreviation for Internet Protocol address. It is nothing, but the local network address for the router that you use in your house. Every computer has a different IP address and two addresses can never be same. It is because of an IP address that you are able to be on the network and have a separate identity for your computer.

Here are some of the things that you must know about IP address:

  • There are many websites like that talk about IP addresses; no matter what kind of a question you have in your mind, such websites help you understand this concept in a much better way.
  • An IP address is a number, which is nothing, but an identity given to your computer or the local network that you use to connect to the others around the globe.
  • If you want to connect to the internet, you have surely got to get an IP address for yourself, without which, it is impossible for you to work in this virtual world.
  • Along with your IP address, you also need a User Name and Password to logon to internet. There are some details, which you can’t ignore, if you wish to go online and do different things on internet.
  • There are chances for people to hack your IP address and if that happens, your entire computer system can be corrupted. Thus, the best way to protect your exposure on internet is by protecting your ID address.
  • There are certain ways with the help of which your IP address can be protected. You have to do a little bit of research to know about such ways.
  • Hacking someone’s IP address and misusing it in any way is nothing less than a major cybercrime for which you can be punished.
  • A single computer can have more than a single IP address; there are ways in which you can develop more than one IP address for yourself.
  • IP address can be changed with the help of some procedures, which are mentioned on websites like
  • You can never connect a router, unless you have a valid IP address.
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