7 signs that will attract a shy man

Shy guys are not easy to decipher, but there are some signs that betray. Do you want to know if one is attracted to you?

Then learn to detect any of these 7 signs.

# 1 I will look

Body language always gives them away. If a shy guy looks at you, and not looking at you, it is a clear sign that he likes you. It seems that shyness does not let him get close to you, but do stay calm that is dying! In such a case, be encouraged to take the first step.

shy man

# 2 Watch something in your address

When it reaches the place where you are, looking for a place to sit where watching a TV or a window you can see you. This tactic practiced very timid men, who do not even want you to notice is watching you.

# 3 babbles to talk

A shy guy gets nervous when he has to talk to you if he likes you, so if you notice that locks when talking or babbling, you can be sure he feels attracted to you.

# 4 shows signs of stress

Not only stutter when speaking to you, but her cheeks are blushing, you can start sweating or fidgeting. Do not you do suffer more! Invite him you on a date!

# 5 always appears where you’re

You do not know how, but is always where you are. Wherever you go, he will be there to watch you and dream of you in silence. If you meet him everywhere, it is because you are interested in you.

# 6 overreacts

Something that usually makes shy men is to disguise his shyness and overact. If it seems more sympathetic than usual or more talkative (and even exaggerated), it is simply because you’re around and wants to get your attention, but does not know how.

# 7 I considered

If there are friends or co-workers, a sign that easily shows that you like, it is to be considered by others. He always has it that you need (a stapler, a painkiller, whatever) and never forgets your birthday or congratulate each achievement. Do not miss out!

When a shy guy likes you, it shows! Just learn to read their body language and actions, to finally realize that love can be knocking on your door.

Do you know more signs that a shy guy likes you? Tell us!

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