6 top French style secrets

French women always look good; their makeup, clothes and skin are famously well-kept. If you’ve always wished you could have some of this enduring French style yourself, read on for the beauty secrets that keep them looking – and smelling – so great!

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1.      Always remember perfume

Choosing a great fragrance and sticking with it every day is one of the greatest secrets to French style. French women feel practically naked without it. Choose your scent wisely and avoid anything that is too cheap because it simply won’t last as long. Tips for keeping the fragrance on you longer include making sure it’s also on your clothing, such as a scarf.

2.      Eat in moderation

One of the paradoxes of French beauty is how women stay fabulously slim whilst enjoying the delicacies of French cuisine, which include pain au chocolate, cheese, white bread and wine. It’s all down to moderation. Cut out snacking, eat less over a longer period, and take time to eat.

3.      Red wine

Speaking of food, red wine is actually considered to provide a boost to your health. In addition to reducing your chances of heart disease, it also improves circulation. Once again, this only works when done in moderation; French women tend to have just one or two glasses with dinner.

4.      Never neglect your skin

French women never neglect their skin. Always prep your skin for travel by giving it a bit of extra love and pack something from the Nivea travel kits range. In fact, behind every chic French woman is a stylish French man, so make sure your beau looks after his skin too by buying him an extra stocking filler this year in the form of a men’s essential travel kit like

5.      The messy bun

As the don of French women’s hair dos, every stylish Parisian woman knows how to do a messy bun and still look fabulous. Your bun needs to look like you’ve done it carelessly, but you should spend time at home learning how to do it quickly and carelessly.

6.      Loving red lipstick

Red lipstick is about as quintessentially French as it gets, and yes, you can wear it to an informal gathering with a messy bun. Keep your clothes simple and chic and your eyes low-key, then add red lipstick and the aforementioned perfume to complete your French look.

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