6 steps to the perfect business name and logo

Everyone knows that first impressions count and a business name and logo are what consumers and customers will form their first impressions of your business on. It is vital to invest time and effort into ensuring your company has the correct name and logo, as these will be appearing everywhere in connection with your brand. Follow our top tips to ensure your company creates a name a logo to suit your brand.

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1. Look at your business plan

Prioritise having your business plan in place, work on developing your vision of the company and its future and the logo and branding are more likely to fall into place.

2. Consider who your customers are

Think carefully about who your customers are and how the colours you use and font choices are likely to appeal to your target market.

3. Think about your favourite brands

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There’s nothing wrong with taking inspiration from your favourite brands. Look at what colours are appealing, how shapes work together, how does their name or logo bring their brand to life?

4. Keep it simple

Don’t overcomplicate your business name or logo, something simple and straightforward is usually most effective. You are aiming for a name that is easy to understand and remember and a logo that will be recognisable. Recently, national telecoms firm BT has confirmed plans to rebrand and is expected to be using a flat, very simplistic logo.

5. Don’t be afraid to outsource

Just as your company has strengths and offers a particular product or service to meet a need, there are companies who specialise in branding. Wherever you are, there is likely to be a suitable branding agency Cheltenham, for example, has many agencies. When considering a branding agency Cheltenham or any other town has to offer, be sure to look at their portfolio and choose a company you feel you can work well with.

6. Don’t rush into a decision

You will be keen to finalise everything as soon as possible but make sure you take the time to get the name and logo perfect for your brand. These are staying with you so don’t rush into a decision and settle for something that is less than perfect. Be patient and you will find something that captures your brand successfully.

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