3 Benefits of Having a Steam Shower at Home

Not that long ago, experiencing the amazing relaxation benefits associated with a steam shower or steam bath was something reserved for a visit to your local health club or spa or possibly when staying in an up market hotel. But things have changed – steam showers are now moving to the top of the shopping list for people looking for savvy home improvements.

As people seek ways to help them recover and relax from the pressure of modern life, more people are discovering just how beneficial and affordable it is to install their very own steam shower at home – and enjoy the many benefits whenever they feel like it. Here are 3 reasons why steam showers are rapidly becoming the ‘must have’ addition to any bathroom.

  1. Health benefits

The impact of steam on general health and wellbeing is well documented, and steam has been used through the centuries as a way of healing and helping the human body recover. A steam shower helps with vasodilation – effectively enlarging the blood vessels and allowing blood to flow more easily throughout your body. Why is this important? Because it improves the delivery of oxygen and essential nutrients to all parts of your body.

Steam also helps unclog skin pores – deep cleaning in a way that is difficult to achieve simply with soap and water; leaving skin healthier and giving you that wonderful glowing complexion.

If you suffer from any of the common respiratory problems, then steam also helps relieve many symptoms of asthma and similar conditions. It helps clear your airways, making breathing easier and improving cardio pulmonary performance.

  1. Save money

With a steam shower in your own bathroom, you can forget expensive trips to the spa or health club to take advantage of steam therapy. You’ll be able to indulge yourself whenever you feel like it, all without leaving the comfort of your own home. Modern steam showers are also extremely cost-effective in terms of running costs; heating just the amount of steam and hot water required – much more efficient than a regular shower or bath.

  1. Add value to your home

The housing market isn’t what it once was – buyers are looking for more bang for their buck, and one way to make your home stand out when it comes time to sell and move on is to make sure it offers more than similar properties on the market in the same area. Desirable home additions include upgraded kitchens and bathrooms, and a steam shower is rated highly as a desirable addition to any home.

Modern steam showers are easy to install, come in a wide range of designs, shapes and sizes, and offer a mind-boggling range of additional features which can be incorporated. If you’re looking for the next ‘must have’ home improvement project and also want to enjoy your very own relaxing steam therapy sessions – installing a steam shower in your home will give both you and your home a new lease of life.

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