10 light and bright window dressings

Now that summer is almost upon us, it is time to explore how to lift your décor. Your windows are a great place to start.

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With the onset of the summer months, what better way to brighten your mood after the winter gloom than lightening your home and allowing the sunshine to flow in?

1. Roman blinds

Thick curtains are useful in winter; however, as the temperatures get warmer, enjoy the sunshine by adding roman blinds. These are great for letting in soft and dappled light.

2. Thermal blinds

Thermal pleated blinds contain honeycomb structures to trap air and maintain a comfortable temperature within your home all year round.

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3. Provence style

Combine a relaxed mixture of pastel colours, saturated tones and textures to recreate the look of the South France in your home.

4. Two blinds

Colours add a unique touch to your home, with windows presenting an opportunity to explore a new colour palette or add more colour to a neutral-coloured room. Day and night blinds combine two blind types for one window.

5. Greenery

There is nothing like looking upon a garden scene to calm us and uplift our mood. The top colour trend for 2017, green dominates so much of foliage and the natural world, making it the perfect backdrop for light and bright room.

6. Blackout blinds

With the lighter evenings and mornings playing havoc with our sleeping pattern, choose blackout blinds to avoid being awoken by bright sunshine. Recent research has confirmed that getting a good night’s sleep is vital.

7. Café shutters

Make your interiors as light and bright as possible by using the natural light that flows into your home. Café design shutters allow privacy whilst letting plenty of air and light through. Constructed with wooden slats, these folding panels reveal the whole window.

8. Custom shutters

For the ultimate personalised touch, commission a company to paint your shutters to match your décor.

9. Waterproof blinds

Waterproof blinds are a great idea for rooms with a lot of humidity, such as kitchens and bathrooms. Aluminium, Teflon-coated or PVC blinds from suppliers such as all work well.

10. Illusion blinds

Blinds with a digital print can create an illusion of additional space and can be a perfect addition to any hard-to-dress windows.

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