If the survey is bad it’s served its purpose

It might seem that you are on the final lap and will soon get to move into the dream home you have managed to arrange a mortgage for. However you just need to have the Building Survey Chelmsford way that you organised through Sam Conveyancing. It is a nervous time and in most cases the survey comes back with no issue to report or at least with ones that are easy to correct. If it comes back with a serious problem then it is time to swing into action.

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The building survey is there to tell you if there are any issues with a property. They also act as a way for the mortgage lender to see if they are prepared to lend on the property. They need to be sure that the place is worth investing in, they have already made up their mind on you if you’ve got this far.

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Next steps if the survey shows a problem throws the ball firmly into your court. The news of an issue is just a disappointment to the seller as it is the lender. It means that you can go to them and reduce the price of the property to take account of the work that needs completing. This is not always the case. If the seller is prepared to get the repairs done the price may well stay the same.  However if they are not, it might be time to count your losses and walk away from the sale.

How to Financially Safeguard Your Business

The first step is to get an accountant to assess the value of your assets, liabilities and surplus, this will give you a rough idea as to where you are in terms of finance. Your liabilities are all those costs that do not relate to your tangible assets (which include your buildings, machinery etc). The “net worth” of your company is the current market value of all its equity including, where necessary, the amount you personally own and the same applies to the shares you own in the business. If you own a large amount of stock then you should make sure you have it insured.

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Your surplus is all those money assets that your business generates in more than it spends. One example of this is machinery you buy that you don’t use, the value of this item is zero. You need to put this money into a separate account called an operating surplus.

A staggering percentage of UK businesses have no financial safeguarding. Make sure you’re not one of them and get advice from a Cardiff Financial Adviser like Jon Purnell

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You can also use dividends to reduce the cost of running your business. A dividend is a return on your company’s equity, which can be paid either annually or semi-annually depending on your register document. As part of your annual register document you should declare the type of income you make (revenues or capital gains). A business that has an active membership in a trade organisation is also likely to pay a small percentage (some businesses call this a membership dividend and it’s usually tax-deductible).

What is a Bespoke Care Package?

If you are looking for care at a specific, personal level, then a bespoke care package could be the perfect solution. Bespoke care involves a range of tailored solutions which can be delivered to your home or care home, depending on the needs of the individual. Rather than buying a ‘one size fits all’ approach to care, bespoke care packages involve a meeting between your consultant and your loved one, to establish what they want and need from the care they receive at your home. An experienced advisor will first assess the needs of your loved one and discuss with you their specific wishes and expectations. From here, a bespoke service tailored to your individual requirements can be designed and delivered to provide the best care possible at your home. For Live in Care Gloucester, visit a site like Take Five Homecare

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As everyone is different, the needs and demands of your care package will vary, based upon many factors including: the age of your family member; their health; their gender; their lifestyle; their ethnicity; and their environment. Ensuring that all these factors are considered and that your service addresses each of these in-depth, can make all the difference when it comes to delivering a quality service. You want to make sure your loved one has the highest level of support possible, so choosing a unique, individualised care plan is an essential part of ensuring this happens. However, whilst this is important, it is only one part of the whole process; you also need to ensure the home is fit for purpose to provide the best care possible, with features and fittings that match your family member’s needs and style.

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To find out more about what is a bespoke care package, contact a specialist who deals in these services. They will set up a meeting with you and your family to determine the individual requirements and assess your home.

How to Iron a Shirt

If you’ve never done it before, how to iron a shirt may seem like a tough question. There are a number of methods out there for learning the basics, but you should make sure that you choose one that is comfortable and safe for you. It is also important to ensure that you give yourself enough time to iron the Mens Farah Oxford Shirts that you wear to work.  Here are a few things to keep in mind when learning how to iron a shirt:

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How to iron a shirt with steam: If it is your first time using a shirt iron, it’s important to get used to using the steamer. Whether you are learning how to wear an iron, or you are getting ready for the first time, using a steam press to steam a shirt can help you learn how to use it quickly and easily. Shirt steamers are inexpensive and available at many stores. Typically, you can purchase a container with enough water in it to steam a medium sized shirt. If you are learning how to wear your shirt after a shower, you can also add a few drops of your favorite perfume or Cologne to the water to cover the collar of the garment as well as the buttons and neck.

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How to iron a shirt with water: You can use any liquid that you prefer to apply to your garment before you begin your ironing session. Some of the most popular ingredients include lemon juice, club soda added to water, Once your shirt is damp, use the spray bottle that you have been provided with to create a spray that covers all of the creases in your shirt. Now iron your shirt in the normal way.

The Importance of Maintaining Independence for Those With Limited Mobility

The importance of maintaining independence for those with limited mobility can never be underestimated. Whether an individual is experiencing a disability or is elderly, having the ability to live as independently as possible is imperative for one’s overall health. Being able to move around, take part in one’s hobbies and enjoy life without the assistance of others gives one back the independence they once enjoyed. As the population ages the need for independent living is also on the rise. As a person ages they tend to require more assistance to perform simple tasks and the effect this has on their health can often be devastating.

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There are many different things that people with mobility issues can do to increase their level of independence. For many it’s necessary to begin moving into assisted living facilities, often called apartment living. This gives the individual time alone to practice independence and to build skills needed for daily living with plenty of support if needed. For some people this transition can be difficult but for others the freedom and confidence it brings allow them to enjoy life to the fullest while making changes to their lifestyle to improve their self-confidence. For WAV Vehicles, visit a site like clarke mobility wav vehicles

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There are also programs and organisations that can provide help and advice for those looking to continue independent living. There are many support groups that can help someone with a mobility issue begin to re-learn how to live independently. These support groups can provide the support the person needs to make the transition easier and allow them to enjoy living in a new independent environment.

How Do We Clean Our Drains?

Most of us have had a clogged toilet or blocked sink at some point in our lives and it can be an incredible nuisance as well as smelling unsavoury and damaging to our homes pipework.

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You have two main options for flushing your drainage: forced air or chemicals. While both can clear your drains it is generally best to avoid either if you are unsure whether the clog is being caused by one of these. If your clog is caused by a tree root, it can often be cleared by simply cutting it out. However, if it is a solid object blocking your drain it will usually require a professional service like that provided by Wilkinson Environmental. These professionals have the equipment that is needed to clear even the most stubborn clogs from our pipes. They use CCTV Drainage Surveys to make sure all is clear.

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In most cases a simple drain cleaning session using the plunger might suffice. However, if your problem is more serious or has become more advanced you may need to try other drain cleaning products such as a commercial drain cleaner, or the even the more popular Erythromycin or Benzalkonium Peroxide cleaning agent. These can help to loosen clogs, or even prevent them from forming in the first place. They work because they attack the roots of the clog inside the pipe. Once the roots are destroyed they can’t form again.

How To Care For Your Oak Wood Garage

As a home owner, you have to be aware of how to care for your oak wood garage building so that it will last for years. It is not just a matter of repainting it, as this can be quite an expensive task; it is also better if you clean it on a regular basis. Maintaining it may not be as much fun as it sounds because there are things that we do not like to do around the house and these are the things that end up being damaging to our possessions. Therefore, if you have kids or animals at home, it is best to consider some safety measures before they do something that can prove to be dangerous. Visit Timberpride, to see some great examples.

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How to care for your Oak Framed Garage starts by ensuring that the floor of the garage is properly cleaned using an all-purpose cleaner. This is also necessary because the moisture from the car can seep into the floor and cause some damage. You can also use a vacuum cleaner to suck up any dirt or other materials that you see around the edges of the garage.

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The oak wood is quite resistant to scratches and other forms of damage, but it can become damaged over time if it is not protected. You can find oils in any local hardware store or even online. Just remember that regular oiling will prolong the life of your flooring and prevent it from getting damaged.

Why Good Posture at Work is So Important

One of the leading causes of long-term illness in the UK is back pain. For many people, back pain can be a truly terrible experience. There are ways that you can relieve the pain – people such as this chiropractor Dublin based Chiropractix can help many people who are suffering from their back pain.

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But you can also make changes to try to avoid suffering from back pain to start with. One of the biggest causes of back related problems is poor posture in the workplace. Bad posture is something that causes back pain over time, so you can make changes to your posture to limit your risk of developing a bad back.


Take regular breaks from your desk – walk around stretch out your back or simply roll your shoulders to relieve your back.


Make sure that your workstation is set up right for you – you should have both feet flat on the floor or use a footrest and your monitor should be eye level with you.

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Make sure you have a chair that is suitable for your back and supports you – a chair with lumbar support is best when you are working in an office job that requires a lot of sitting down.


As well as the back pains there are also other problems that can be caused by poor posture. Poor circulation caused by restricted blood vessels, digestive problems and breathing difficulties are all things that can be caused by or worsened by poor posture.

Why the Old Ways of Marketing are Still Essential in an Online World

For many businesses nowadays, when you think of marketing you think about the ads that pop up on social media feeds, or having a great website supported by digital marketing. As effective as these methods can be, there are many marketing ideas that shouldn’t be abandoned and left in the past either.


Although it seems that the whole world is going online now, there are still many things that you can do when it comes to marketing that can be more effective than using just digital marketing alone.

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Brochures are a great example of this. When you have a good brochure design, you can get to a lot of your target audience. There are many advantages to using brochures for your business marketing strategy too. When most of us get takeaway leaflets through the door, we often store them in a drawer and get them out when we decide to have a takeaway.


This is where brochures can be better than using only digital ads – they are something that people can keep and use at their leisure or refer to when they want something. Online ads tend to be more of an annoyance and pop up when you are busy or looking for something else. They cannot be saved for later so are often easily forgotten about.

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So, when it comes to your marketing strategy, remember that just because there are lots of new ways of doing thing, don’t discount the older ways!

An Introduction to Eight Surface Treatments

Applying a finish to metal components can adjust their properties radically, giving manufacturers a vastly improved palette of solutions for manufacturing as well as improving a range of characteristics.

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Let’s take a look at some of these treatments. For a more detailed look, check out this in-depth look at surface treatments:

Before any surfaces can be properly treated, it is important that all products should be cleaned properly in order that treatments can adhere correctly.

Heat Treatments

Metals have been heated and rapidly cooled to make them harder for centuries. Heat treatments can also be used to help eliminate any internal stresses which are caused by shaping.

Painting and Powder Coating

A great way in which to change the appearance of a surface is to paint or powder coat. Anti-corrosion paint can help protect surfaces from humid or salty environments. Some of these treatments work by creating a barrier, and others are dependent on chemical inhibitors to protect the surfaces.

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Dry Film Lubricants

A dry film lubricant can be applied to a surface to offer improved wear resistance. Using a liquid lubricant is no good if heat or electricity are going to be present close to the parts to be protected, so the dry film allows the parts to be lubricated adequately.


Anodising involves changing the surface of the metal by way of an electro-chemical process. Aluminium is the most commonly coated material by anodising, but titanium can also be anodised successfully. Varying properties when anodising can provide massive differences to the results.

A great coating in its own right, anodising can also be used as a base for other treatments as well as providing artistic finishes. Another benefit of anodising is to provide resistance against the extreme heat experienced by aerospace components.

Hard Coating

Hard coating is a specific sort of anodising which takes place by using an acid bath at a lower temperature. The resulting coating is harder and more durable than that created by regular anodising.

Conversion Coatings

Using substances like hexavalent chrome to protect aluminium was once very popular, but this is no longer recommended under many different chemical regulations. Alternative coatings such as Surtec 650 are now preferred.

Thermal Sprays

High-energy equipment like plasma arcs are used to deposit a thin yet firm and tough surface layer. Thermal sprays are often applied via robots which have been programmed to complete the job in a very controlled manner. One of the most common materials which is used to coat metal via plasma spray is ceramic material. This provides exceptional resistance against heat and corrosion.


Surfaces are often treated by way of plating, which involves depositing a different metal surface layer over the first metal. This can be done electrochemically or autocatalytically. Generally speaking, the biggest benefits of plating include wear resistance and corrosion resistance. However, plating can also be carried out to improve the appearance of the metal, such as when things are gold or silver plated.

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