Is it time to go camping?

Ever wondered if you can get a really cheap holiday in the UK and Ireland? There is one way and it’s fun and exciting pls it will get you back into nature. It’s the thrill of camping and it can be yours for a very affordable price. Camping Shops Ireland based firms like Basecamp offer a great range to the first time and experienced camper who needs a bit of kit to get them going. Here are a few do’s that need to be in place before you set off.

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  1. Know where the campsite is.There many ways that people reach the campsite but one of the most popular is to just drive there and set the tent up. Some even chose to hike it but it rather depends on how many are in your party and if they are prepared to lug a tent each with them.
  2. Find a level pitch. Unless you’re trying to ascend Everest or the Matterhorn thi should not be too hard. However it’s always best to make sure you get it as flat as you can. If it is alleviated then have the feet pointing down with your head uphill.
  3. Have a controlled fire away from the tent. Don’t just pile some logs up and set fire to it. If you’re at a site and have driven, bring a fire pit.  Make sure you have some water or better still sand to douse the flames.

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  1. Take plenty of bottled water. Try to avoid bringing disposable bottles. Purchase a BPA free bottle and refill it.
  2. Make sure that you recycle everything and leave as little trace of your presence as you can.
  3. Make friends. Campers are generally a friendly lot who have quite the community going on.
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