How to Maintain Healthy Looking Hair

A combination of stress, lack of sleep, pollution, harsh chemicals in hair products, heat, and hair dye can make our hair look unhealthy. It doesn’t matter how many dry shampoos offering to transform our hair we buy, nothing seems to make a difference. However, there are things we can do to maintain our hair and keep it looking full and healthy for longer. I will share some of these tips with you now.

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  1. Visit the hairdressers regularly. It doesn’t matter if you want to keep your hair long, it’s still good to get a trim frequently in order to get rid of split ends. Split ends weaken our hair and make it look frizzy and unhealthy. Also, I find that getting the ends cut regularly help make my hair easier to brush. If you’re looking for a hairdresser Bridgend, check out this website
  2. Avoid heat damage. Heat can cause permanent damage. If you have been straightening your hair repeatedly for years, it’s possible that the only way to have healthy looking hair again is to cut most of it off. Remember, that hair grows back, and it will grow back a lot thicker and healthier.

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  1. Drink plenty of water and eat healthily. Whether we look healthy or not depends mostly on our internal health. If you are dehydrated, your skin and your hair will suffer. Make sure to eat a balanced diet so you can meet your daily nutritional requirements. You may even consider taking a multi-vitamin or biotin supplement to help with the health of your hair. However, unless you have trouble absorbing nutrients, I recommend trying your best to get the vitamins and minerals you need from your food. A plant-based diet is the best for your health with lots of dark leafy green vegetables, and a variety of wholefoods such as brown rice and nuts.
  2. Don’t shampoo every day. Shampooing too often can strip your hair of its natural oils causing it to be dry and frizzy. It’s best to shampoo every three days instead, only rinsing it in between. Also, aim to shampoo your scalp more than your ends because that’s where hair products accumulate. Remember to wash it out well to prevent dandruff.

I hope these tips for maintaining healthy looking hair help you feel more confident that your hair will not always look as lacklustre as you feel it does now.

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