What are Laminate Wood Floors?

Laminate floors are a durable flooring solution that has four solid layers that are bonded together with extreme pressure and heat. The first layer is known as the backing or the stabilising layer, which provides the floor with stability and strength. This layer also makes it easier for the floor to be repaired when scratched or damaged, as it is harder for the wood to be pulled apart than say hardwood.

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The next two layers are the top coat or the outer coating, and they provide additional protection and durability. They also make the hardwood planks flexible enough to be used in any room of the home, but especially in high traffic areas, like the hallways and living rooms. However, laminate wood flooring is not a substitute for hardwood, and it cannot withstand extremely heavy foot traffic, which can damage and even destroy the planks. However, it does have the ability to be installed over almost any type of existing floor, although it will not be as durable as a solid hardwood floor.

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Some people choose this kind of floor because it resembles the look of natural wood, yet is durable, lightweight and easy to install qualities make it the perfect alternative for those seeking a low-cost and long lasting floor.

Laminate wood flooring has many benefits compared to other kinds of flooring, including durability, low maintenance, high traction, natural wood look, and affordability and you can find some greta options at places such as .

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