Three Ways to Style a Smaller Bedroom

A bedroom is a place where you should be able to relax and unwind, and of course get a good night’s sleep. Bedrooms come in many shapes and sizes and some bedrooms can be tiny. If you are struggling with how best to go about furnishing, styling and simply making the most of a smaller bedroom, here are some ideas that could help you…

Storage – When space is at a premium, storage has to be more carefully thought out than ever. Make the most of every available space in a smaller bedroom. Think about adding shelving over the bed, using the bed itself for storage, such as the clever bookcase headboard idea, which also makes for a great feature wall, and utilise built in storage solutions that is made specifically for you like these bespoke fitted wardrobes

Something else to think about, especially in a more unusually shaped room, is how you can use small areas and corners to create more storage, to make the most of the space that you have available in the room.

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Layout – The layout may need to be played around with in a smaller bedroom. In a larger room, traditionally the bed goes right in the centre, but this can make a smaller bedroom seem far more cramped and take up a lot of space unnecessarily. Furniture that is all against one wall can really open the space out a lot more, giving the feeling of space. Think about furniture that can be tucked away when not in use – beds like cabin beds are great for this, as they incorporate a desk and workspace which can then be stored under the bed when they are not being used.

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Colour and Décor – A lot of making the most of a smaller room comes down to how the room is decorated. Using two colours of paint, the darker colour on the bottom half of the wall and lighter on top, with a border or dado rail can give a much more spacious feeling to the room and can easily be adapted to suit a kids or an adults room. Lighter colours generally tend to open a room up more, but you can add interest by adding an area of colour that is darker or bolder as a focus and to add interest.

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