The Sistine Chapel ceiling. Quite amazing

If you’ve been umming and ahhing over what to paint on your ceiling don’t go as far as Pope Julius the second in what you want. When Pope Julius the Second had finally established himself as the one and only Pope (back then there were two and it was, quite frankly, mayhem) he wanted to make sure that the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel was something a bit special. He was very much in the mood to celebrate. Pope Julius was not like the usual pontiff’s that you have today. Peace and love were not on his agenda. This Pope was going to drag Italy together, under the power of the Roman Catholic church, whether it liked it or not. He was called a Warrior Pope and he certainly lived up to that name.

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It’s no wonder then that when he came to Michelangelo and asked him to do up the place a bit the great artist readily agreed. The great one was more of a sculptor than a painter (hard to believe after the end result) and he wasn’t that keen. The Pope was most insistent and so of Michelangelo went.

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He ended up painting the whole thing himself. He would have liked to have had some help and Decorators Cheltenham based company JS Decorating, if they had been around, would have gladly helped him out. Michelangelo was one of those people that liked it done his way. It took him seven years and chronic neck ache. He even designed the scaffolding to get him up to it.

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