The Best Living Room Décor Ideas to Bring your Living Room up to Date

With Christmas just around the corner, here are a few living room style ideas if you are hoping to get your living room looking good in time for the tree to go up. With so many new and exciting style ideas, there is bound to be something that inspires you to get decorating…


Floral Wallpaper – This is a huge trend at the moment – floral wallpaper that your gran would be proud of is making a huge comeback – from bright and bold blooms to delicate neutral colours, there is something to suit every room. Paired with chunky knit fabric cushions and throws, this is a look that will lift your spirits.

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Dark Walls – Be brave and bold and banish the greys and neutral tones! Dark walls can make a space feel cosy and snug, especially when used with warm lighting. If the thought of a whole room of dark walls feels a bit much, a dark feature wall is a great way to make a statement and add interest to a room.

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Calming Naturals – A tranquil and serene room painted with soft pastels and creams is great for a smaller living room. To gain a bit more space in the living room, get in a professional such as this TV aerial installation Gloucester based company Steve Unett aerials to mount your television on the wall, so you will have no need for a stand.

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