Separating your raised patio area

Do you dream of having a raised patio or decking area in your garden, but are unsure how you can divide this from the rest of your space. Well there are a number of different ways that you can achieve this and here are some ideas for you.

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Safety – it is important to think about safety of you have a raised patio or decking area, you will need to have steps put in to allow you to safely walk down to your lawn area and you should think about having some Bespoke Glass Balustrades like the ones from installed to keep yourself and your family safe from the edges of the patio or decking. These balustrades are incredibly stylish and you can add some decorations to them including bunting or other elements such as planting pots that you can change throughout the year.

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Plants – adding some plants on your decking or patio can help you to create a natural screen, this can include bamboo which is often used as a screening plant. You might also want to consider having some trellis placed around your patio/decking and have some climbers placed in pots beneath this.


Lights & heating – if you want to enjoy this area all year round you should think of having some lights and a heating lamp installed. These can either be fitted to a nearby wall or fence or can be free standing depending on what you prefer and whether you have space to store these during the freezing winter months.

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