Popular Dog Breeds – Which is right for You?

Dogs are known as man’s best friend and with good reason. Loyal, fun and affectionate, dogs have had a place in the heart of man for thousands of years. If you are wanting to add a dog to your life, it is important that you do plenty of research beforehand, as you want to make sure that you get the right dog for you.


As well as the right food, Iwoof designer dog collars, puppy training classes and all the right toys to keep a dog entertained, you should research the different breeds of dog that are best for your lifestyle. Here are a few of the most popular dog breeds in the UK…


Boxer – These dogs are friendly and sociable, and full of fun. They are very bright and quick to learn new things, as well as being very protective of their owners which also makes them a great burglar alarm!

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Labrador Retriever – These are intelligent and gentle dogs that are known for being great with kids, so are a good choice for a family dog. They are eager to learn and easy to train, which is why they are also a popular choice for guide dogs.

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Jack Russell – These hardy little dogs are full of energy and less likely than many other breeds to suffer with health issues. They are loyal and fun little dogs that require a lot of exercise, so they are great for people who enjoy long walks in the countryside.

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