Live in an Ecological House

Ecological House

We live in a system and environment that affect our health and psychophysical balance. Knowing how influences can help us make our habitat, environment and lifestyle allies of our health and wellbeing.


Electrical and electromagnetic pollution are perhaps the least obvious, the subtlest of radiation to which we are exposed today. Quickly and inexorably invades our homes and workplaces, nature and life in general. The natural electromagnetic environment has changed greatly in recent years, especially in urban areas, where we are surrounded by artificial electromagnetic fields constantly increasing.

The biological changes due to these fields of low frequency and low intensity are the subject of lively controversy, the interests and economic implications involved. However, everyone agrees on the need to advance scientific research to clarify and discern possible potential damage and the forms of protection -including one regulator- regulations within reach. In fact, today proliferate studies on possible biological effects of low-frequency magnetic fields and intensity, both on the molecular structures and on higher organisms.

 Ecological House

Incomprehensible when the incidence of such fields on human health is sufficiently proven, and that affects the central nervous system and the endocrine and immune that, ultimately, is what allows us to maintain physical and mental balance.

It is evident, therefore, that the presence of natural radiation and artificial electromagnetic fields are dis-equilibrating elements that increase our vulnerability to any functional disorder, paving the way for action by diseases and viruses and even for nervousness or depression are installed in our daily life.


However, these radiations do not affect in equal measure to everyone: to dose and exposure times identical, there are exceptionally sensitive people and others that are less so. Hypersensitive to substances, energy or harmless radiation for the rest continually face the incomprehension of others that can get to qualify them maniacs or neurotics.

In fact, there are numerous cases of the people, who are hypersensitive to electricity or electromagnetic fields low frequency emitted by electrical systems or home appliances. These people suffer nervous breakdowns or severe headaches that force them to leave the place or disconnect the wiring of the house to stay in it. Certainly, it is isolated events, but one might wonder whether these radiations also affect others, only that our body has no mechanism to notify us of damage that we receive.

The situation can become worrying when, in the same home or workplace, there is a concentration of natural radiation is increased by the presence of electric and electromagnetic fields from industrial processes, power lines or appliances.


All mentioned factors and health risks could find them in greater or lesser extent in our home or the workplace. Geo-biology and Bio-construction have been particularly concerned to investigate thoroughly all your applications and provide possible solutions to each of the problems.

Geo-biology born of observations and studies conducted by doctors, biologists, geologists, architects and other free researchers. The name of this science, in part, because many of the diseases and disorders suffered by many people appear associated with radiation from the basement of the inhabited places: gamma, radon radiation, the presence of faults or cracks, water table, changes in Earth’s magnetic field, etc. Geo-biology studies the electrical or electromagnetic pollution, toxic materials used in construction and the effects of radiation and radioactivity have in our homes. Their findings leave no doubt about the importance and impact of radiation of the place and its relationship with many of the evils suffered by most of the population diseases.

It is still curious that often we worry about environmental pollution and ecological deterioration of the environment and not fall into the account that we spend most of our time (in the West, 80% or 90%) locked four walls sometimes contaminated.

Clearly, after reading the above risk agents and taking into account that may be present in our home, it is obvious the question of whether we can have a healthy home in all aspects discussed in this article. We are aware that this is a complex issue, that depends on many factors and if we start from a house already built, a building that requires renewal, a land where it will build, etc.

Whatever our situation, even if you just want to make sure of the safety or harmfulness of the building we inhabit, you will need to specify the parameters in the bio that ultimately raises the need to design homes that obey health criteria is based and harmony for its people and for the environment. What sense does it live in an isolated house in the cold or fire protected if they have used highly carcinogenic materials in its construction? What real advantages does a home with a large electric and electronic complexity –electro domestics, alarms, sensors, security monitors, etc. if it doubles the risk that its inhabitants suffer leukemia or a brain tumor? We entered an irrational logic where what should we provide comfort and safety seems more dangerous than the supposed benefits promised. The house is more than an inert structure designed purely functional purposes and made of materials that only are required a good price, strength or duration.

Green building techniques and integrates the latest scientific advances with a global and ecological conception of the relationship between housing and the people who occupy them. In this sense, the house is an integral part of the global ecosystem and is itself a consumer of energy, materials, air and water, which returns to the environment as waste and waste that can be highly polluting, unless we adopt a rational attitude, both energy saving and the progressive abandonment of the use of synthetic and toxic products. Thus, the place we live could be compared to a living organism and its functions and materials to the organs and skin: the walls would be our third skin (after our clothes). In addition, all these skins fulfill essential functions for life: protect and insulate us from the weather, breathe, absorb, evaporating, regulate and communicate.


The ecological attitude should not be seen only as a fashion: the survival of our society and the future of coming generations depends on our actions present. Our health and the planet, in general, are increasingly in our hands and we have no right to we inhibit.

Moreover, we cannot let fate decide our governments, environmentalists, and doctors. What is a personal attitude consistent and committed to conscious, aware of the real problems, would do more to avoid since its inception in patching its harmful effects.

Every effort we make to better understand our body and its subtle responses to any situation difficult, if sea- will help to search (and find) health, understood as something broader than mere “absence of disease”.

To achieve this, we have to start taking the reins and responsibilities of our life and not continue opting for total ignorance of our body, leaving it in the hands of so- called “specialists”. An attitude that many have already adopted and has led to increased interest and research investment in areas such as prevention, real knowledge of risk factors and attitudes that allow optimal functioning of our body (exercise, diet, psychological responses, etc.).

Hopefully in the next decades change this irrational attitude although very lucrative, so much the development of our own natural responses to any external aggressor – viruses, germs, toxic substances, cold, heat or potentiate strong electromagnetic fields, and knowledge of those eligible activities for the good organic, biological or psychological functioning human spread.

Ion known is that stress, physical or mental exhaustion, and emotional deprivation decreases our immune responsiveness, opening wide the doors to imbalance and disease. Something that also happens to poor diet or too sedentary life.

Our body is sufficient, intelligent and able to cope with any eventuality. And let us help us know you flow with life. The result will be the perfect overall balance – physical and mental, health and happiness, in its broadest sense.

Despite the risk of recurrent and pedantic, I can only conclude these remarks with something I find questionable: both problems and possible solutions are entirely in our hands.


  1. It is important to correct positioning of housing. Avoid large industrial complexes air pollution, noisy spaces and near large power lines or underground places, which is current tour groundwater or geological faults. Before building a house, it is crucial geo-biological study the terrain.
  2. The abundant vegetation, both outside and inside the home, can reduce the effects of air pollution and noise and thermal comfort and helps the climate and the correct ambient relative humidity. NASA has conducted studies that have shown the decontaminating effect of plants inside buildings: a few hours can eliminate more than 80% as toxic as benzene or trichloroethylene substances.
  3. The bioclimatic design of the house and its proper solar orientation is also important to properly regulate climate and temperature changes, maintaining a perfect thermal and environmental comfort without additional energy costs. Moreover, we must pay special attention to the renewal of air and breathe the building from every pore (walls and ceilings) and avoid closed pore insulation and paint plasticizers.
  4. Construction materials should be as natural and organic as possible, avoiding those toxic, radioactive and other components that generate static electricity or gas (as with plastics, painted surfaces and synthetic fibers). Bricks, stone, wood, vegetable fibers, adobe soil and abundant lime mortars will be preferable to reinforced concrete in iron, aluminum, PVC or excess cement and synthetic chemical additives.
  5. The paintings must be natural or, at least, no toxic or allergic effects assumptions. Among the wide range of ecological paints on the market, the most desirable are silicate paints because they are totally minerals, resist fire and pollution can be washed, not toxic, allow breathing to the walls and last a lot.
  6. For the furniture and interior decoration will prefer wood and natural fibers. The first can be treated with organic oils and varnishes, wax and aromatic essences. We must avoid furniture and wood bonded with formaldehyde and toxic glues and protective treatments containing wood linden or pentachlorophenol, highly toxic.
  7. Proper ventilation which should also be performed during the months of winter- allow us to avoid toxic accumulation problems in housing, as the dreaded gas radon in granite areas can cause lung cancer when their concentration is very high.
  8. Avoid power lines and transformers near housing will protect us from electrical pollution, which also occurs with the indiscriminate use of electrical appliances and appliances near the resting places. If you sleep poorly, suffer insomnia or nervousness; try unplugging the clock radio, lamps and other electrical installations near the head of your bed. In older or poorly houses electrical installation, it is advisable to separate the head of the bed about 50 or 60 centimeters from the wall, if desired rest well and evade electric fields.
  9. The orientation of the headboards to the magnetic north is essential if we want to sleep relaxed, whereas if we wish to “regain strength” should direct them to the East. It is important that the bed is not located over underground streams, geological faults or magnetic lines, which cause short or long-term -serious health problems, accumulated excess radiation.
  10. Energy saving, renewable energy use, and recycling are essential premises in an ecological and healthy home, both for its inhabitants and for the environment. The environment deserves serious respect and a responsible attitude and each of us must contribute their little bit. It is, therefore, pursuing our own health and the planet, which is, ultimately, the common house.
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