How to pack for moving day

So you have signed all the necessary documents to move into your rental home from your chosen Letting Agency Gloucester such as TGRES  and have a moving date planned, how should you go about packing ready for moving day?

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Moving day can be notoriously stressful and there are some ways that you can minimise the amount of stress and actually enjoy the move into your new home. Planning is key to any house move and you should start by looking at whether you are going to have a removal firm move your items or whether you are going to rent a van and do this yourself. Either way you will want to book this as far in advance as you can.


Then comes the actual packing of your items. Some removal firms will do this for you as a part of an enhanced removal package but if  you are packing your own items you should make sure that you have enough boxes and start packing away items that you don’t need in your existing home as soon as possible. Packing your items based on the rooms that they are going to go into is one of the best time savers. You should write the name of the room on the box and then either your removal firm or you will know exactly where to put the boxes on your move in day.

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If you have important documents that you might need when you pick up the keys to your rental home you should keep these somewhere safe along with an overnight bag in case you don’t get around to unpacking all of your boxes on the day that you move.

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