Basement Waterproofing Solutions

Basements and underground places are the most susceptible to water leakage owing to their precarious location. Water from leaking pipes and accumulated ground water often seeps through hidden cracks and crevices in basement walls and causes extensive structural damage to a building by corroding the rebars and weakening the concrete basement walls. The region of Michigan is faced with similar basement water leakage issues that lead to a great amount economic loss and inconvenience. For basement waterproofing, Michiganand its people chiefly rely on several basement waterproofing companies that employ various techniques to rectify water leakage related problems. These companies specialise in diagnosing and rectifying complex structural faults and damages in basements that lead to leakage.

Methods of basement waterproofing

The first and foremost technique employed to fill cracks, crevices and inaccessible water pockets in basement walls is high pressure polyurethane injection. The polyurethane solution in injected in the cracks using a high pressure pump, when the polyurethane comes in contact with water molecules, it reacts to form a solid foam like substance which instantly expands and fills up the gaps and water pockets. Such high pressure injection techniques can be effectively used to prevent further damage to the basement from leakage and restore its structural strength. Polyurethane injections are considered to be more effective than epoxy raisins, as epoxy raisins are slow to react and are unable to effectively bond with wet surfaces.

Other water proofing solutions include- below floor drain systems, leak proof reinforced concrete floors and interior drainage systems which are effective in draining out any ground water accumulation in basement spaces well before any structural damage is caused. Apart from internal waterproofing, external protection of basements is also of equal importance. This is usually done by applying a waterproof membrane to the exterior of the basement walls which prevents any leakage due to rise in ground water levels. Incorporating structures such as yard drains and French drains will prevent any excessive accumulation of water near the basement area. External injection of soil and concrete is also an effective means to provide structural strength and waterproofing to basement walls.

Basement waterproofing Michigan can be a costly affair and the bill is usually in excess of $500. But one can save on money by carrying out the repair work only in the affected area of the basement. This would prevent unnecessary expenditure on excessive raw material and labour time. The waterproofing companies in Michigan carry out free evaluation of the leakage problems and make sincere efforts to cut costs without compromising on the quality of work. They do this by accurately pinpointing the structural defects and rectifying them without spending much on unnecessary repairs. The repair works are carried out by well trained and certified professionals who have a vast experience in waterproofing structures such as tunnels, parking lots, dams etc. When it comes to waterproofing their basements, the people of Michigan can easily entrust the qualified and skill workmen who are equipped with the latest waterproofing techniques available in the industry.

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