Why Medical Equipment Calibration Is Very Important

Medical Equipment Calibration, like that offered from Medi-cal is an important procedure to be followed in order to maintain the functionality of your medical laboratory equipment and instruments. There are some basic steps which should be followed to ensure proper and reliable functioning of the machines in the laboratory. As part of quality management, it has been found that the equipment should be calibrated before each use for better performance and optimum service. It is also useful to perform this procedure at regular intervals so that the instruments can be maintained in good working condition.

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The equipment like radiography camera, laboratory balances, chemistry analysers etc. require proper handling for which a steady hand is required. In such cases, the laboratory staff must be trained to handle these instruments and provide correct calibration to them. The process of calibration depends upon several factors like the type of machine, material used for making the instrument and its internal workings.

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It is advisable to opt for an established calibration company to carry out the task for you. These companies offer services like medical laboratory calibration, instrument calibration, analytical calibration, non-destructive testing, and validation calibration. Services offered include scientific instrument calibration, clinical laboratory service, and calibration services. They have an established reputation in offering quality service with highly professional results.

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