Some Tips for Moving an Elderly Relative into your Home

Something that can often happen as we get older is that we may one day rely on younger family members to take care of us. For some people, going into a care home is not an option, and if the family are all on board with the idea, moving in with family is a great way to have the support you need as well as retaining some independence too.

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If you are someone that is considering moving an elderly relative in with you, the key is to give it plenty of thought and make sure that you discuss the situation with the whole family to make sure that everyone can raise any concerns they may have and make suggestions.


One of the first things that you need to think about is making sure that you have plenty of space. You can add space to your home with the help of a professional company like this house extensions Solihull based company – this also means that you can customise the space to suit you and your relative and give everyone their own space when they need it.


It is also a good idea to look into any additional needs or assistance that your relative may have. Equipping the house with handrails and ramps is important if you are going to have an elderly person living there.

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To help them to feel at home, make sure that you get them involved in the decorating of their room and place some ornaments and photos around so that they feel more at home.

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