Accidents that can Happen in an Office

When going to work, employers have a duty to make sure that the workplace is as safe as it possibly can be. From having rules and regulations on safety at work, to ensuring that staff are aware of how to help in a medical emergency by sending them on a course like this Tidal Training direct first aid at work Cheltenham based course.

However, despite the fact that people try to protect against dangers in the workplace, accidents do still happen. Even in an office environment, there are a few things that can lead to serious accidents and injuries…

Back Problems – This is something that can affect many people who work in an office. Sitting at a screen or desk for long periods of time can cause all sorts of problems with the back and the muscles. Taking regular breaks away from the screen as well as adapting a good posture can help with this.

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Falls – Tripping and falling are another thing that can happen in an office. If the office is quite small, cluttered or poorly lit, this can make this much more likely. It is also important to clear up and spillages and to avoid rugs and mats, as these can often be the cause of a trip or fall.

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Repetitive strain injury – Doing tasks often and using the same muscles can lead to something called repetitive strain injury or RSI. Using a computer is a common cause of this and care must be taken to give the muscles a chance to relax at regular intervals.

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