What is Light?

The word “light” can mean the warmth, the radiance, the directness, or even the illumination given off by a fire or any other source like the sun. The word “bright” can mean brilliant, clear, dazzling, radiant, restful, cheerful, or warm. Lastly, the word “light” can refer to a source of electrical light, such as a lightbulb.

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Let’s define the word “light” first: in scientific parlance, light is a “term defined as the energy that travels from a source through the medium to the eye“. The most common definition is that it is “the whole range of electromagnetic radiation that reaches the human body without scattering other constituents”. That is a bit difficult to define because it includes all the electromagnetic fields we know of to-day – visible light, ultraviolet light, infrared light, x-rays, gamma rays, and even waves such as sound and water waves. All other light has its own characteristics such as frequency, wavelength, power, and the like. In other words, it is the entire visible spectrum of electromagnetic radiation.

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Light is produced by electromagnetic waves or radiation. The electromagnetic waves can be in the form of visible light, which is also called ultraviolet light, infrared light, x-rays, and gamma rays. There is a lot more to light than just being white or yellow. The electromagnetic waves themselves can be of many different forms, all of which have their own purposes and uses.

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