The importance of order in the company

From a small cafe to a SME if there is anything that improves the functioning of the organization, will have to implement it. The order is one of them.

Both the quality, safety and efficacy in work performance will benefit. Time is money, and operate in a prime space where the order will help to improve production as the pace of work is ideal.

The order and cleanliness

There are several methods to meet objectives of order and cleanliness in the workplace.In principle, it may seem a minor issue, but if we think about the benefits and problems associated with disorganized work table, the issue is serious.

The importance of order in the companyOne such system has this motto by flag:

“A place for every element involved in the work”

This reflection is to say: to gain physical space by eliminating anyone object that is not useful, the work I flow will be faster to be able to find the necessary elements first.

Direct customer benefits and worker

**. Fewer accidents. **

**. Less wasted time to find tools or papers. **

**. A higher quality product or service offered. **

**. Decreased useless objects **

Highlight the improvement in product and service quality offered. There is no point, enter the Seller, and stumble with chaos, in all its aspects: neat little space, workers who take twice normal in serving us, an odyssey to find a product between a widespread disorder.

The order and cleanliness in the workspace, take a visual control where the worker will be easier to find everything that facilitates their daily lives, both to feel good to perform better and be able to serve that customer or comply with a goal as soon as possible.

5 S

Are five Japanese words that come to define a methodology of order in the company, loaded with logic.

SEIRI : Select or classify

SEITON: Organize or order

SEISO: Clean

SEIKETSU: Personal wellbeing

SHITSUKE: Discipline and Habit

This system or any other you want to apply, it says that if we follow it to the letter, will be reduced:

  • Activities that do not add value
  • The accidents
  • breakdowns
  • The level of inventories
  • Useless movements and transfers
  • Time to locate materials and tools

On the other hand, the benefits will be:

  • More space and more welfare
  • More security facilities
  • Greater pride of place where we do our work
  • Improved image with customers generating more confidence
  • Enhancing cooperation, knowledge
  • Improved teamwork
  • Increased commitment and responsibility of staff
  • Increased knowledge of the position

In short, like at home, maintain a certain order makes us feel better, and also provides us with household chores in the workplace, meet these standards have the same meaning.

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