Running a Business whilst Keeping Covid Safe

Running a business is hard, and at times like these, it is even harder. The global pandemic and the grim economic outlook have wreaked havoc on businesses all around the world, and it is likely that many more will be negatively affected by it.


Making sure that employees and customers are safe from the virus is paramount at the moment, and this has meant that a lot of companies are having to make big changes to how they are run in order to keep going.

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As well as the staff, the customers also want to feel reassured that they are safe, so there may be more measures that you need to put in place depending on the nature of your business. Here are a few practical things that you can do to keep everyone safe whilst keeping your business going during these strange times…


Hand Hygiene – Make sure that people wash hands regularly. Washing hands as soon as arriving at work, as well as during the day before eating or when coming in and out of the office. Provide hand sanitiser stations also for employees and customers to use.

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Office Cleaning – As well as keeping hands clean, it is also important to keep the workplace itself clean. A professional company such as this office cleaning Cheltenham based company can provide a deep clean in the office. You should also make sure that things that are frequently touched are cleaned throughout the day.


Ventilation – Stuffy air in a room is a great place for a virus to thrive! Open windows to keep a good circulation of air going around the room, particularly if the office space is quite small.

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