If the survey is bad it’s served its purpose

It might seem that you are on the final lap and will soon get to move into the dream home you have managed to arrange a mortgage for. However you just need to have the Building Survey Chelmsford way that you organised through Sam Conveyancing. It is a nervous time and in most cases the survey comes back with no issue to report or at least with ones that are easy to correct. If it comes back with a serious problem then it is time to swing into action.

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The building survey is there to tell you if there are any issues with a property. They also act as a way for the mortgage lender to see if they are prepared to lend on the property. They need to be sure that the place is worth investing in, they have already made up their mind on you if you’ve got this far.

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Next steps if the survey shows a problem throws the ball firmly into your court. The news of an issue is just a disappointment to the seller as it is the lender. It means that you can go to them and reduce the price of the property to take account of the work that needs completing. This is not always the case. If the seller is prepared to get the repairs done the price may well stay the same.  However if they are not, it might be time to count your losses and walk away from the sale.

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