How Organisations Fight Fraud

How organisations fight fraud within their own organisations is often one of the most important and difficult questions to answer. Organisations are constantly faced with the need to ensure that their public image and reputation are not damaged by the actions of one or few individuals. This is particularly important in light of the number of cases where companies have been found guilty of fraud. Companies also need to ensure that they do not become a victim of fraud themselves, after a series of internal and external audits and investigations. The culture and practices within an organisation need to be scrutinised and any recommendations made by these internal and external audits should be rigorously followed. For help from a Private Detective London, visit ISG Investigations, a leading Private Detective London.

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In order to know how organisations fight fraud within their own organisations, it is essential for managers to understand the nature of fraud as well as the factors which cause it. There are four broad types of fraud which include: false advertising, securities fraud, false reporting, and identity fraud. False advertising is when a company tries to market a product in a way that it cannot possibly be sold by that particular company. Securities fraud is when a company fails to inform shareholders of the potential risks of holding a certain security. False reporting involves misleading the regulator and shareholders by exaggerating the benefits that can result from an investment.

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By understanding the different forms of fraud that are facing businesses today managers will be better placed to respond quickly and effectively when such issues arise. Fraud is not an isolated problem but within organisations it tends to run rife because of the culture of the people that work within those organisations. If managers want to know how organisations fight fraud in their own organisations then they should take the bull by the horns and start asking the right questions and implementing appropriate fraud prevention measures.

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