50 ideas to increase sales of a business

One of the main questions that persecute an entrepreneur is how to increase sales of your business. They have a good product, a local nice and eager to sell, but customers do not come…

There are plenty of strategies to boost sales, some require large investments of money and others require a high level of creativity. Know what is the best way to promote your business depends on your budget, the business model of the industry in which you compete and many other items.

50 ideas to increase sales of a business

In this article, I want to share a list of fifty practical ideas to increase sales of a business. I hope you find interesting and if you have any other ideas please share in the comments.

How to increase sales of your business

  • Give your business an identity. Take time to design a unique and impressive corporate image. I would like a logo, a slogan, a mission, a vision, a trade name and any other element that distinguishes you from the competition.
  • Set goals daily, weekly and monthly sales (if you have not already). Each time you set a goal to fulfill your bigger goals and more goals.
  • If you do not bring record sales it’s time to start doing so. You can use Excel or some business management software of which we have shared with you here. If you do not take control over your sales it will be difficult to know whether these growing or not and what strategies work and which do not.
  • Know your customers. Worry about knowing who they are, what the reason to go to your business, where they live, what they like, etc. Any data can be very valuable to your strategies.
  • Prepares a database of customers. Get your mail, your telephone numbers, address and any additional information that you can be useful to maintain contact with them and develop loyalty strategies.
  • Sales of a business can increase dramatically with small changes in product packaging, decoration shop, an organization of furniture in the room, etc. In other words, the idea is to make Merchandising for products more attractive to the eye of the customer.
  • Give your customers reasons for wanting to return and to recommend you to their friends. Do not forget the basics: to offer a quality product with a good customer service.
  • Change the color scheme used in the product, packaging, advertising, branding, the commercial premises, etc. Remember that color can influence 60% to 80% in the decision to purchase a product.
  • Invest in advertising. Wait for the business to grow by itself is a fatal error. You must allocate a monthly budget of income to promote business by different means. If your budget is limited, do not worry means you must make a greater effort, but with a lot of creativity can make very economic and high-impact advertising campaigns.
  • Create your own website and it publishes information of interest to your market. You can also offer discounts and special offers to your readers.
  • Social networks are full of customers waiting for you, and it is best if they like your product will be willing to recommend you to their friends. Start by creating a fan page on Facebook, a profile on twitter and YouTube channel videos. There are many other social networks that can be very useful according to the industry or type of company. You should not be in all social networks, only those that you consider appropriate.
  • Surprise your customers by providing positive experiences in the purchase and consumption of your products. Remember that experiential marketing is key to stand out from the competition and win the preference on the market.
  • It makes life easier for customers when making your purchase. If you have a fast food business, a good idea is to offer “combos” (at McDonalds style) for the client to ask several products instead of just one.
  • Train your salespeople to learn sales techniques and strategies that enable them to be more effective at every opportunity. You can find lots of material to learn about sales.
  • Create a culture of healthy competition among your salespeople. It offers incentives to the seller of the month and other awards that motivate them to sell every day.
  • Business cards continue to be an interesting tool; it is not more hand out to your customers, especially if the card is accompanied by a nice message, a striking image or a useful resource as a calendar. The idea is to make it special for the customer and not just one more card.
  • Identifies the competitive advantage of your company and exploit it. Discover that has special to offer the consumer and why should prefer you and not the competition.
  • Who are you competing? Identify and analyze the competition. Find out what your strengths and weaknesses. If you consider it convenient you can make alliances with them that generate benefits for both.
  • Design a security policy and quality that gives confidence to potential customers, especially when there are similar products on the market lower price.
  • It offers free samples of your products or services. It is a tactic that can be applied to all types of businesses, but whenever possible is a very good strategy to implement.
  • Reward your most loyal customers. Show them that are important to you. Call them on his birthday and give a gift, offer discounts, and special offers, let them feel they are special.
  • Pay attention to grievances, complaints, and suggestions from each of your customers you and providing a quick response to your request. In these times, a dissatisfied customer enjoys sharing their negative experiences with all your friends and contacts on social networks. Do not risk.
  • It offers after-sales services and additional free services. Service, consulting, free freight, etc.
  • Innovate Show that your business wants to improve every day. Launches new products, change the designs periodically renews your local, etc.
  • Expand your business. Identifies new markets, new sales channels, consider bringing your products to international markets, enlarge your premises, open new branches, sells franchises or search any other strategy that allows you to expand the scope of business.
  • Take advantage of the seasons and holidays. School season, valentine, mother’s day, Father’s Day, Children’s Day, Halloween and many other dates are characterized by a great commercial activity where consumers do not measure their expenses.
  • It offers various forms of payment; many people do not like to use the cash for your purchases. Receive cards, electronic payment implements, sells on credit, etc. The idea is to make life easier for people when paying.
  • Home sales are an interesting option. Analyzes if possible implement in your business model.
  • Be honest with the client and show him that he can trust you. Currently, the consumer is more informed than ever and tries to trick only make you look bad and you will lose significant sales.
  • Make yourself accessible to customers through all possible means (email, the web, phone, etc.). They will want to contact for information, advice, closer doubts, etc.
  • Follow the market trends and adjust your business strategies pursuant thereto. A product that sells very well today might not be sued tomorrow.
  • Create alliances with other companies. No matter who do not belong to the same industry, strategic alliances represent great opportunities for companies.
  • Put the right price your products and services. Remember that the formula for success in business is to make the customer gets more value than you are paying. Performs analysis of price elasticity and demand to see which the most convenient price is.
  • Organizers sponsored events. A football championship, social events, conferences, seminars or any event that attracts people who may be interested in purchasing your products. It is a very good way to build loyalty and attract new customers.
  • The location of your business is key. If sales are low it may be due to poor location and suffice to find a more suitable area to boost sales.
  • Make your shop is comfortable and enjoyable. Your product can be very good, but if the customer feels uncomfortable going to have little desire to return.
  • Use promotional gifts that are useful. Many companies give away personalized USB flash drives, calendars, pens, key chains, bottle openers, etc.
  • Create an app for your business. It may be a game, a useful application or something that complements your business. The important thing is that the consumer takes you on your mobile device everywhere.
  • Neuromarketing uses techniques that impact the 5 senses of the consumer. The visual marketing is not everything.
  • Create an emotional connection with your customers. Sell them on attitude, happiness, confidence, experiences, values, etc.
  • Design a plan where premise referred to those who recommend your business.
  • Find out what your customers are looking for and give. Some seek efficiency, others want good care and some prefer complete experiences.
  • Each client is unique and must be treated as such. Find ways to offer products, services, and personalized experiences to each of them.
  • Hands out flyers, make peritoneal, hires or radio advertising in the local newspaper and performs any other propaganda that allows you to position yourself in the local market.
  • Use posters with “magic words” to foster the desire to purchase. Some of these words are limited time offer, lowered, 2×1, half price, percent discount, free, immediate delivery, warranty, etc.
  • A low sale may result from a bad approach. Remember analyze and improve your business model periodically, especially if you are in a very dynamic industry (for example, if you have an online business).
  • Use psychological prices. Finished in 5.7 or 9 prices more easily capture the attention of consumers, difficult to make comparisons and make believe they are cheaper than round prices.
  • Constantly evaluate your marketing strategies to see what works and what does not. You must focus your energies and resources on strategies that work and put aside those that have no impact.
  • Hire passionate sellers who enjoy their work and transmit that passion to customers. This strategy is one of the pillars of the success of companies like Apple.
  • Optimized logistics processes. Efficiency is key.
  • Make a satisfaction survey and find the way that customers respond sincerely (could offer an incentive), in this way you know what your market wants, what are you doing right and what should be improved.
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