Your Ultimate Moving House Checklist

Moving house can be both exciting and terrifying. It can also be expensive, with the total cost of buying, selling and moving calculated at nearly £9,000. Our ultimate house moving checklist will cut costs, making your move cheaper and easier!

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Make a New Home Guide

If you’re lucky and your sellers are lovely people, they’ll have left you all the information you could need about your new house, including when bin day is, where the appliance manuals are and even what colour the walls are painted. If not, then you need to ask them where the stop cocks and meters are before you move in to make sure moving day is a breeze.

Get the Cleaners In

Obviously, you can save yourself some money if you can give your new home the once-over before the removal van arrives – otherwise it’s worth hiring a cleaning company to make sure your new house is grime-free before you move in.

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Compare Removal Costs

Average removal costs can be nearly £2,000, so you can make a big saving if you’re prepared to do some of the work yourself and look at the alternatives to a removal company. After all, if you don’t have much to move or your new home is furnished, then you won’t need a huge removal van.

Asking your mates to help out is a start, but if you have bigger items to move, try a man and van Slough households trust to get the job done. Contact a company  and get a range of quotes to find the best balance of service and cost.

Look at your roof

After you move or even before you think about putting down a deposit you could look at the roof of the property to make sure its in good condition.  A Bristol Flat Roofing company will be able to come and look into this for you and these kind of companies can be found on sites like

Redirect Your Post

It doesn’t take long to set up mail redirection, but it could save you from damaging your credit record with unpaid bills! You should also take the time to notify friends, your bank and your employers about your change of address.

Make Moving Day a Breeze

Take time to label boxes with the room and a description of the contents on the side, and tape ziplock bags to flat-pack furniture so you can securely store all the screws.

Protect new floors with flattened cardboard and make sure you have light bulbs in every room. Finally, move furniture in first so you don’t have to keep moving boxes around. Follow these simple tips and moving day will be smooth and simple.

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