Working from a home office is better for you

Why do people prefer working from a home office? When you work in an office, you do not have much control over your immediate environment, from the temperature to the amount of tempting unhealthy snacks lying around. The solution? Well, you can stop going to the office.

Remote working has been proven to help your own health and ability to focus but is also beneficial to the organization as a whole. In fact, HR professionals reported that employees with flexible work arrangements often show increased commitment, engagement and performance.

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Here are some other reasons why your home office is better than your company’s office:


Offices are filled with distractions. Whether it is noisy phone calls in the cubicle next to you or constant “can you pop to this meeting” demands – it can be difficult to get the job done. This may be why people who work in open-plan offices are 15 percent less productive. In a personal office setting, you have the freedom to arrange your work in a way that you can best focus on the job in front of you. You can also treat yourself to the very best, ergonomic office furniture. For Office Furniture Bristol, consider perusing 1st Dzine, a top Office Furniture Bristol business.


Another thing that work offices are filled with? Germs – from the elevator button and the phone to people who are coughing away in tight spaces. Is it surprising that office workers take a lot more short-term sick leave? Not only do you protect yourself from germs by working from home, but it also gives you more time for your health. You can swap out that long commute and take the time to schedule an appointment with your doctor if you need to.


Of course, every job has pressure, but I’m sure you’ll have more peace of mind being in your own home than you would under the flickering fluorescent lights of your company office. Studies have shown that flexible working actually reduces stress.

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Quality of life

Working from a home office gives you more time for the people you care about and the flexibility to maintain meaningful relationships. This may mean helping out in your community, attending your child’s sports game, or just sitting down for dinner with family or friends every night. There is no travel time from the office – you can do all of this as soon as you log off your computer.

You may already have a home office – even if it’s just a kitchen table where you can set up your laptop and get to work. So, why do you need to go elsewhere to do what you can do at home?


All of the above add up to sustainable happiness. Your home office gives you the freedom to be available for family, friends, and other passions – while also being much more productive every day. This is better than a work-life balance, but a mixture in which work and life can exist in happily together.

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