Why more people are turning to self storage units

Increasingly, people are using self storage units for a wide variety of reasons. Some grow out of their living space, while others want to store things and there is an increasing number of small businesses needing space by people who work from home.

Here are some of the most common reasons why people use self storage units:

Running out of space at home

Many people don’t want to get rid of items, if they are still in good condition or have emotional attachments. There is a strong desire to keep items ‘just in case’ or maybe because they are planning on passing them down to family members at some point in time. It could be an old Chesterfield, bicycles, beds, hi-fi equipment or bookcases. Many parents also want to store furniture in preparation for when their children make the leap and move out, needing all the help they can get.

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Moving house

Many people find they must move out of their current property before moving into a new one to avoid the sale falling through. If that happens and you don’t have a place to store your belongings, self storage units are the ideal answer. Also, if you are downsizing, but do not want to throw away or sell family heirlooms, a self storage unit provides extra options when you make up your mind about what stays and what goes. For Self Storage Chorley, visit a site like

Baby on the way

If you have a new addition on the way and need to really clean out the bedroom, you do not need to [part with everything! Put beds and other furniture in a self storage unit as you will probably need it when the child grows. You can always sell it if you change your mind.


If you have the builders coming in, in order to establish a new conservatory or extension, perhaps you’re concerned about them running through the house and ruining the couch or wooden furniture? A self storage unit is an ideal solution to keeping all your goods and valuables secure while work is in progress.

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Working away

Have you been offered the chance to work away, perhaps abroad for 12 months? If so, and you own a property, you might want to rent out your property while you’re away. Many homeowners in this position do not want to leave all belongings in the house so using a self storage unit will ease your concerns and keep everything safely stored out of harm’s way.

Garden furniture and machinery

Summer gives way to autumn and the grass has been cut for the last time. It was time to get rid of all the garden furniture and equipment, but where? If the space available in a shed or garage is not big enough and you know you won’t be using the machinery or furniture for a good few months, then a storage unit can provide the perfect solution.

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