Why Is It So Important To Create A Video Email To Our Email Marketing Strategy?

Currently create an email video is a good choice because text emails are increasingly losing market, motivated because; Users read less and less, due to the lack of creativity and design of the same, etc. Therefore it is very important surprise users with something fresh, current and creative in our strategy of email marketing.
Inserting an image that links to a YouTube video or our website is not surprising in an email marketing design, but it does reproduce the video within the email itself, without clicking of any type.
What do we get with a video email?
1.- Surprise the users, since they do not expect the video to be reproduced from the same email.
2.- Reduce the amount of text that the user has to read in the email, since much of it is told in the video.
3.- Reduce the immediate closing effect just after opening the email, motivated by curiosity and because we have caught the attention of the user
4.- We improve the commercial aspect because we can offer a service of a company without the user going to our website.
This email video will be made in HTML5 and will be compatible with the following emails, programs or devices:
– Yahoo Mail
– Apple Mail
– Microsoft Outlook
– Hotmail
– Mozilla Thunderbird
– IPhone, iPod and iPad
– Eudora
– Foxmail
– IncrediMail
– Opera Mail
– Spicebird
This is the source code you should use to create a video email:
<! Doctype html>


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