Who would ever want to be a driving instructor?

Surely one of the most unsung heroes in the world of work is that of the Driving Instructor. These brave men and women risk life and limb everyday as they desperately attempt to teach the rest of us the correct way to drive a car without getting themselves, the pupil or the rest of us, in an accident. Apart for the fact you can choose your own hours it takes a brave soul to do it as you have no idea as to the quality of the person getting into that car with you. Whether you are a Driving instructor Market Harborough or in Belfast or Cardiff or any part of the UK we salute you. In fact, should you need one why not visit this site . Let’s look at some amusing tales that driving instructors have experienced over the years.

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If you’ve taken your driving test do you remember how nervous you were? If you haven’t yet I would imagine you are already feeling a bit shaky. We all get butterflies before the driving test and the first few examples show the need to be as calm as you can before it starts otherwise this may happen. Try not to get the classic brake accelerator confusion scenario. This is a common cause of error. One instructor tells of how the pupil entered the car, said a polite “good morning” and drove straight into the test centre wall within the first two minutes. They didn’t pass. Another brake accelerator confusion sparked one of the most amazing scenes. The location of the Test centre was near the River Wye and the pupil manage to drive the car confidently into the river where it began to sink. Both the Instructor and the pupil quickly climbed out of the car and sat on the roof shouting for help to any passers-by.  They were rescued, and the clearly traumatised instructor was led away, still clutching his clipboard. The pupil enquired if they had passed and were told it wasn’t possible to say as the instructor’s notes were on their way to the hospital. Another incident was due to the good old emergency stop. Unbeknownst to the Driving instructor the seat belt was faulty, and he was slammed into the windscreen knocking him out cold. The learner had to drive him to the hospital as this was before the age of mobile phones.

Finally, it’s understandable when driving instructors turn and have had enough. Maybe not to this extent though. A reported case in Denmark saw an incident where two cars met and a place where the road thinned so only one could get by. Neither car would back down so eventually the Instructor got out, produced a baseball bat form the boot and began smashing the other car up. Not surprisingly, he lost his job.

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